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How to make the authentic Spanish Churros recipe

Like every tourist says, there is nothing better than churros in Spain, not even football games or flamenco dances…nothing can beat the churros. You MUST try them!


If you don´t have the chance to go to Spain, don´t worry because today we are going to teach you the authentic Spanish churros recipe, the different ways of cooking them, a little bit about its history and much more!

👨‍🍳 How to cook Spanish churros step by step

First of all, let´s begin with the recipe, so we can all start eating as soon as possible 😜.

Although people tend to think cooking churros is very hard and it requires a lot of time, its recipe is actually pretty simple and the whole process will take you just about 40 minutes. (Less time than many other Spanish desserts)

Spanish Churros Ingredients

  • About 250 grams of wheat flour
  • 250 grams of water (1 cup)
  • Sugar (As much as you like)
  • Big amount of Oil
  • A pinch of salt
  • Kitchen paper
  • Churros maker

⏰Churros cooking time:

  • 45 mins
  • 💪 Spanish Churros calories:

  • 103

Other Spanish churros nutrition facts 🍽️

  • Total Fat 7.7g
  • Cholesterol 0mg
  • Total Carbohydrate 8.4g
  • Protein 0,5g

Traditional Spanish churros recipe 🍳

  • 1) Grab a deep pan, place water and heat it with some salt added to it
  • 2) In a different bowl pour the wheat flour
  • 3) Once the water is boiling serve it to the bowl with the wheat flour and stir it together. At the end it will be all sticky
  • 4) Place the dough in the churro maker
  • 5) Make large portions of churros with the machine
  • 6)In another pan, heat a big ammount of oil
  • 7) Make sure the oil is hot enough and place the churros on it, later cook to medium temperature
  • 8)Once the churros are fried, take them out of the pan and place them over a kitchen paper to soak up the oil
  • 9)To finish add sugar to the churros
  • 10)That´s it! Your authentic churros recipe from spain is ready! Enjoy them!

⭐ Do you need a churro maker?

We can already tell you that to learn how to make Spanish churros, a churro maker is not always needed, but, in our opinion it will save you a lot of time and it will make it much easier. We have analyzed some of the best models to help you decide which one is better for you:

⏬ What is a churro?: Meaning

The actual churros definition says: Churros are a snack made out of a fried-dough, its color is between brown and yellow and the shape is usually a large or a semi-circle. It´s normally served with sugar or cinnamon.


Many people missunderstand the definition of churros, as depending on the country, you will find it cooked in different ways. Although they have some similarities, the one that really explains the meaning of churros are the churros made in Spain. See more about the origin of churros.

☕ Spanish churros with chocolate

The famous traditional Spanish churros always go with some hot chocolate! Okay not always, but most of the times. It is very common to see people eating churros with a cup of hot chocolate.


Chocolate sauce for churros

The typical way of eating Spanish churros con chocolate is using the chocolate as a sauce. Although some people don´t like to mix it, the majority would dip the churros inside the chocolate cup. We love it!

Other Spanish churros dipping sauce

If you are not a chocolate lover and you still need a sauce to go with the churros, there are other options like the dulce de leche or the strawberry sauce. Choose your favourite! 

🥨 Different types of churros

The Spanish churros are the original ones, and definately the most famous ones. Starting from that point, different people have tried to create their own churros style.


You may or may not like them as much as the original churros, but this only means that we get to try more varieties of churros, which is always good. Let´s see which is the best type of churros:

1) Vegan churros: Are churros vegan?


Many people ask the same question when visiting Spain: Are churros vegan? Well we have good news, because although churros are not the most healthy food you can find in Spain, it´s a vegan dish and that is something to celebrate.

It´s really hard to find vegan food in the iberian peninsula, but luckily, one of the most traditional meals, the churros, is vegan.

The reason why we decided to answer this question is because in other countries (mostly south american countries), they sometimes use eggs for their recipes or even pig fat, which definately will not make churros a vegan dessert. So, whenever you ask for churros make sure they give you the Spanish version.

2) Churros cake


If you like to eat one churro, imagine eating a whole cake of churros! Many people prefer to have cakes than the actual churros, and sometimes dulce de leche is added to this delicious cake.

The churro cake is not common at all, but you will have more chances to see it in a country of South America than in Spain

3) Churros locos recipe


Churros locos are an speciality from Mexico. And as its name says the churros locos recipe is a crazy combination.

The most important ingredient are the small churros you can make them or you can buy them in a churros grocery store, but later, you have to add vegetables like cucumbers or japanese nuts and on the top of it an spicy sauce.

It´s not for everyone, but if you like food with a strong taste, give it a try.

4) Churros Nutella


Another variation of the traditional churros is the churros with Nutella. This could be seen in two different ways:

The first option would be, just to have normal churros and use the Nutella as a dipping sauce.

The second option, and more famous, consists of introducig the nutella inside the churros. Which one would you rather have?

5) Churros chips


If you are looking for something sweet to use at a party, churros chips are the best for it.

Every party need to have chips right? Your guests will have a nice surprise when they find out those chips are not normal. They look like normal chips, but the flavour taste more like churros. The key for this snacks is adding a layer of flour, cinnamon and sugar to the chips.

🤔 At what time do you eat churros?

We could be eating churros all day long, no matter if it´s in the morning, mid day or even at night. They are always delicious. But which is actually the best time to eat churros?

Churros for breakfast


There is a tradition in Spain that consists on waking up early to buy churros for your whole family, friends or whoevey you are living with.

Of course, this does not happen every day, only on birthdays, holiday seasons, special occasions or whenever you wake up on a really happy mood.

Having traditional Spanish churros early in the morning is one of those pleasures that will make your day much better!

Churros dessert


It´s not so common, but sometimes churros are eaten after the Spanish late lunch, as a dessert.

Following a good meal, enjoying one or two churros with a coffe as a dessert is a great choice before taking a siesta. 

Spanish churros to go


Spanish style Churros can be a snack too!

If you couldn´t have them during the early morning, when going for a walk at mid day there are some churros shops in the street and it´s really hard to resist their smell. So, taking your churros as a snak to go is also an option in Spain.

🍳 Other pastry tips for churros

We told you earlier on this blog about how to make tasty churros, but since there are different ways of making them, we have decided to give you some extra tips:

1) How to make churros crispy?


It´s actually easier than what it seems, but it happens many times that we end up feelng like the churros are a little bit softer than what we were expecting.

The answer for this, is as simple as cooking over a lower heat.

Instead of trying to do them faster with a high heat, put it lower and keep the churros for more time on the pan, you will realized at that same moment that the churros are getting more crispy.

2) How to make churros without a pastry bag


If you don´t have a churros maker or a pastry bag it´s really hard to make the churros, but it´s still posible.

Once the dough is sticky try to put it in a plastic bag and cut the corner. Of course it wont be easy and it´s probably more annoying than the normal method, but give it a try.

3) How to make churros without a deep fryer


If you want to make fried churros, that will be your only option.

But there are different ways to do them, you can make baked churros, which are also very good and you won´t need a deep fryer.

💰 Where to buy churros?

Churros are not really hard to make, but sometimes we either don´t have the ingredients to make them or we are just feeling to lazy to start cooking. If that´s the case, these are some of the best places where you can buy churros:

1) Spanish churros bar:


If you are in Spain, going to a bar and ask for churros is a cheap and easy option (much cheaper than going to a bakery).

Finding a bar in Spain is as easy as finding a Wallmart in the US, so it won´t take you much time.

Almost every bar offers churros early in the morning.

2) Churros online


The churros world is getting so popular that now everyone wants churros.

In Spain, you can even buy churros onine! There are many places that while you are staying at home watching tv, you will be able to just order some churros like if you were ordering a pizza. Simple and easy!

3) Churros Wallmart and grocery stores


You can even find churros in a grocery store, places like Carrefour or Mercadona sell churros.

Therefore, you will not have an excuse to not get churros to your family in the morning. Even if you are from the United States or Canada you can find a great variety of churros at Wallmart, and probably in many other countries as well.

4) Churros Street


All over Spain, there are different spots where the churrero (man who sells churros) goes with his van where he cooks the churros and starts selling them on the street.

This is the most recommended option to get traditional Spanish churros, not just because is cheaper than anywhere elese, but also because they have the fame of selling the best ones.

This churro street shops are known as «Churrerias»

5) Churros San Ginés


The best churros in the world! That´s right, there is a place with the reputation of having the best ones. This place is called San Ginés and it is located in Madrid, Spain.

San Ginés is an old cafe. it´s probably one of the most traditional places in Spain, as it has been there since 1894, and it´s also (if you are lucky and patient) where you will find the best churros in Spain.

It´s location, very close to Puerta del Sol, will not disappoint you either.

🤑 Churros price

Now that you know where to buy churros,you just need to know what´s the price. Although it will change depending where you are at, in general you will be paying between 1-3 € for around 4-6 churros.

🌮 Authentic Mexican churros recipe

Eventhough the original and authentic churros are the ones from Spain, Since the spaniards brought their churros recipe to South America, they have made a few changes and have also a delicious but different dish.


Mexican churros are now very popular, they have expanded the word of churros all over the United States and America in general and that made churros become even more famous.

Churros, Mexican or Spanish?

The answer to this question is for you as everyone has a different taste. But here are the main differences between Mexican churros and Spanish churros:

  1. First of all, Mexican churros always have a lot of cinnamon on it, while the Spanish churros only wear sugar.
  2. Mexican churros are sometimes served being cold, while Spanish churros could never be cold.
  3. The Mexican churros recipe sometimes wear eggs, while in the Spanish churros recipe you will never find eggs.
  4. Last of all, Spanish churros as a tradition, will go with chocolate on 90% of the time, it´s not necessary to eat Mexican churros with chocolate.

🤩 Enjoy the churro spanish desserts!

That´s all about the famous churros from Spain, hope you have enjoyed reading about it and hopefully you are ready to make the original spanish churros recipe at home! If you have any other question, let us know in the comments section below!

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