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The 10 Best Churro Makers in 2021

If you like this famous Spanish dessert, you sure need a churro makers, that way you´ll be able to make them at home too.  

Would you like to see the best churro makers for sale? Let us tell you everything you need to know; reviews, price, where can you buy them…

Which churro maker should you buy?


Buying a churro maker is super simple, all you need is something that will get the job done, but it is important to have a few things in mind, such as the size, design, price-quality ratio, brand… After studying all the different models, we have selected the best ones, so you can choose the churro maker machine that will cover your needs.

1- StarBlue churro maker gun


It is one of the most sold churro makers in the market and it is also highly rated. It comes with 8 assorted discs, this will allow you to create churros with different shapes and designs, if you are having guests, this will sure surprise them.

When it comes to the quality, this churro maker is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a sturdy material that usually isn´t easy to break.

Its size is 2.95 x 2.95 x 8.46 inches and its weight 300 Grams, so it won´t take up much space and it is ideal in case you want to bring it with you to on a trip.

In terms of price-quality ratio, it gets the job done and it is one of the cheapest churro makers you will find.

  • One of the cheapest churro makers you will find.
  • It won´t take up much space
  • Higly rated and on of themost sold churro makers
  • It is super easy to use
  • Although the quality-price rate is great,the quality could be better.
  • You will still have to fry the churros

2- Bernar churro maker


An alternative to the previous churro maker is the one from Bernar. They are remarkably similar, but with a few differences.

To begin with, this one comes with 9 interchangeable nozzles instead of 8 and second, this one is a little bit cheaper (the difference is minimum).

In the other side, we must recognize, StarBlue products are usually ratted very well, and they are more trustable.

Both are great options for those who just want to enjoy some churros at home, of course they are not professional ones.

  • Evencheaperthan the first one
  • Small size, so it won´t take upmuch space
  • Easy to use
  • You will be able to creat churros of 9 different shapes
  • Although the quality-price rate is great,the quality could be better.
  • You will have to fry the churros

3- Electric StarBlue churro maker


If you are looking for an even easier and faster way to make your churros, this one is the best option you will find. It basically works like a toaster, you place the dough in each spot, press a button, let it cook and you will have the churros ready.

The biggest advantage this churro maker machine has, is that you won´t have to fry the churros, so not only you will save time, but it will also be a much healthier option.

Even though it isn´t as cheap as both previous options, the price-quality ratio in our opinion is even better.

  • It is a muchhealthier option as you won´t have to fry the churros
  • Cooking them will take youless time and effort
  • It is very easyto clean
  • Creating the shape of the churros is harder.

4- Commercial churro maker machine (Ranzhix)


If you are looking for something professional to make churros in a commercial way or just to make them in the real Spanish way, this option is ideal.

It is made with stainless steel, which means the quality is higher, it has more durability, it is waterproof and of course healthier than those made with plastics.

It includes 5 nozzles, so you will be able to make 5 different shapes of Spanish Churro. The capacity of this churro machine is 3L and you will be able to use it in schools, restaurant, cafeterias and of course at home if you want to.

  • It is a professional churro maker
  • The quality is much higher, as it is made of stainless steel
  • You will be able to use it in schools, retaurants, cafeterias…
  • As it is a commercial churro maker, the price is much higher.

 5- Todo Churros


Last of all, if you are looking for something with high quality, but not as professional as the previous one, we recommend the churro maker from Todo Churros.

This machine will allow you to produce churros in the same way the first do it, but with a longer size. It is also partially made with stainless steel, so it will be harder to break.

In despite of being bigger, this churro maker gun comes with easy detachable parts, so it won´t be hard to clean.

It can hold up to1.5 lbs of churro dough.

  • Not professional, but higher quality than the first ones
  • Partially made of stainless steelso the quality is better
  • Much higher pricecomparying it with the first three.

What is a Churro maker?


As the name says, a Churro maker is a tool to help you produce churros (once the dough is made).

Churros can be made manually, but i would be much hard to get the famous shape they have, plus it will take lots of work. Therefore, the main function of a churro make is to work for you and save you some time.

What can you make in a churro maker?


Of course, churros are the main thing they are used for, but that is not everything you can make. In some cases (depending on the type of machine), they will help you create shapes for the cookies.

If you have a professional churro maker, you could even be able to produce sausages, chorizo…

Where can you buy a churro maker?


Other than buying a churro maker online through Amazon or Ali Express, you can also get churro makers in stores like Wallmart, Target or Aldi.

Churro maker reviews

That´s everything you need to know about the churro makers, we hope you have found this article useful and please if you have bought any churro maker let us know your opinions about it in the comments, so everyone knows which one they should buy.

➤ The 10 Best Churro Makers for sale in 2021 | Reviews & Price
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➤ The 10 Best Churro Makers for sale in 2021 | Reviews & Price
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