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Walmart churro makers

Walmart is for sure one the biggest and most important supermarkets in the United States. When it comes to cooking tools, it usually offers everything there is, and of course you will also find churro makers at Walmart. Let us tell you everything you need to know about buying one of the Walmart churro makers; prices, different models, advantages, and disadvantages…

Which Walmart churro maker should you buy?

First, we are going to show you the best Walmart churro makers and compare them to see which one covers your needs best.

1) StarBlue Churro maker


Doesn´t matter if you are looking in Walmart, Amazon or at any other store, this is always one of the most sold churro makers.

In terms of price-quality ratio, it will be hard to find anything better. It is a small machine of 2.95 x 2.95 x 8.46 inches, made of high-quality ABS plastic, which is usually sturdy and hard to break. The price depends on the offers and where you get it, but sometimes you can see it in Amazon for even less than 15€.

It is super easy to use and clean and it also comes with 8 different assorted discs, so you can create different shapes for the churros.

  • Perfecta para toallero
  • Hecha de madera de bambú, ideal para aguantar la humedad
  • Relación de calidad-precio muy buena
  • Poca capacidad de almacenaje. Esta más centrada en su función decorativa

2) Meistar Churro maker (Ver en Amazon)


If you are looking for a multipurpose churro maker, this one will be ideal for you.

This churro maker from Walmart won´t just allow you to create churros, but also cookies or donuts. You will also be able to decorate the cakes with it and use it as a churro filler.

Its size is 12.4 x 6.02 x 3.35 inches, so a little bit bigger than the previous one, and It comes with plastic tubes, 1 filling applicator, 8 lids, 10 spouts, 1 cookie maker, 1 rubber ring and 1 diffuser. All these tools will help you be creative at the kitchen.

  • Perfecta para toallero
  • Hecha de madera de bambú, ideal para aguantar la humedad
  • Relación de calidad-precio muy buena
  • Poca capacidad de almacenaje. Esta más centrada en su función decorativa

3) Hakka churro maker


If you are looking for something more professional to commercialize your churros, this Walmart churro maker machine, is the best option.

This churro maker is partially made of stainless steel, which means its quality is much higher than the previous ones. It also comes with two fill rates system, which will make it easier to use and clean.

This tool won´t just allow you to create churros but also other types of food such as sausages or even chorizo (if you know how to do it).

  • Tiene un diseño muy elegante, que lo hace ideal para habitaciones, oficinas o salas de estar
  • Cuenta con cuatro estrellas y media de valoración
  • Tiene un cajón para guardar cosas
  • Es muy resistente (15 kg por estante)
  • Su precio es más elevado que el de una gran mayoría
  • Su tamaño puede ser demasiado grande para cuartos más pequeños como el baño

Why should you buy a Walmart churro maker?


By now, you might be convinced already to buy one of the churro makers from Walmart, but in case you aren´t, below we are going to tell you the pros and cons of buying it from this popular supermarket. This will hopefully help you decide what you want.

Walmart churro maker advantages

👍 There is nothing more trustable than one of the most famous stores in the world, so you will sure avoid having problems and in case you do, they will try to solve them right away.

👍 You can find a wide variety of churro makers at the Walmart catalogue; therefore, it will be easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

👍 One of the best parts about buying products like this at the store, is that in case you have any questions, they will be able to answer you whenever you want.

👍 You will be able to see the product with your own eyes.

⛔Walmart churro maker disadvantages

👎 Although you can find many different cooking tools, they are not as specialized as other stores.

Opinions and reviews about the churro makers at Walmart

As we have said before, Walmart offers all kind of products, but unfortunately not every Walmart is the same, so maybe the one near you doesn´t have the churro maker you are looking for. That´s the reason, why we would always recommend you looking at Amazon first, as they usually have the same churro makers for sale.

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