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Best Spanish candies

Spain is home to some of the best dishes in the world and that´s why, when you think about eating in Spain, you will never come up with candies. Elaborated meals such as paella or potato omelet are what people usually imagine, but let us tell you something, some of the most popular Spanish candies are known all over the world and you may even have tried a few of them.  

Most popular Spanish candies


It does not matter if you are in Spain or you are going to order them online, if you are looking for the most famous Spanish candies, the ones you are going to see below are a must try.  To begin with, we are going to show you the candies originally made in Spain.

1) Turron (Spanish nougat candy)


Let´s start with the most famous one, the Spanish Christmas candy, turron. We would not consider turron as a candy, as it is super elaborated, and it is in a whole different level than what we usually call as “candies”. For us it is a pastry or just a dessert.

Turron is usually eaten during Christmas days and you will find many different types of it, some of the most popular ones are Alicante turron, Jijona turron, chocolate turron…

We just love all of them and can´t decide which one is better, but if you want to know more about turron, here you can find the recipes, more types, information…

2) Lacasitos


Another traditional Spanish candy is the lacasito. If you are looking at it for the first time, you might be thinking… Aren´t those M&M´s? Well that´s right, the look and design is almost the same, but the taste is totally different.

Lacasitos were created about 40 years latter than M&M´s and they were indeed their inspiration, but the ingredients are different. While M&M´s ingredients are chocolate, milk, and sugar, Lacasitos are only made with sugar and chocolate.

If you have never tried them, we totally recommend you getting ones, because they are super good.

3) Chupa chups


Chupa Chups isn´t just one of the most famous Spanish candy, but also one of those inventions every single Spaniard is proud of. Next time you talk with someone from Spain, ask them to mention 3 Spanish inventions, we are sure one of them will be Chupa Chups.

Chupa Chups was the first lollipop ever made. They didn´t just get extremely popular in Spain, but all over the world and even now a days, they are one of the most consumed candies in the world.

A random fact that you sure didn´t know about Chupa Chups is that its actual design was created by one of the greatest artists of all time, Salvador Dali.



Don´t worry, there are also Spanish chocolate candies. This Spanish candy bar was created in 1975 and since then, it has been one of the most popular sweets in the country.

There are 4 different types of Huesitos: First, we have the original one, this bar is made wafers covered by chocolate with milk. You will also find the Super chock, which is the same but with more chocolate, the white chocolate huesitos and last of all, the creamy huesitos.  

We are big fans of the original one, but we recommend you trying them all.

Foto: Goldorak

5) Conguitos


Last of all, we finish with another popular Spanish candy made with chocolate, Conguitos.

It is also a classic Spanish candy, and you can find different types of them, the original ones, made with chocolate, white chocolate conguitos, chocolate with milk conguitos and there also bags of mini conguitos and a mix with all of them.

Conguitos are like the famous Kirkland chocolate boxes, but its size is way smaller.

Foto: Francesc Fort

Other candies in Spain you must try


Those were just a few of the most popular Spanish candy names and brands, but there are of course many others.

If we must mention candies that people usually eat but are not original from Spain, the first names that come to our minds are Ositos Haribo and Sugus.

These two have been popular for decades and even now a days are some of the most sold candies in Spain.

Enjoy the Spanish candies

We hope you have liked this article about the best Spanis candies and if you think we should add any other sweets to the list, please let us know in the comments. Enjoy them and remember if there aren´t place to buy Spanish candies near you, you can always get them online.

➤ 5 Best Spanish Candies 🍭 Most famous and popular ones!
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➤ 5 Best Spanish Candies 🍭 Most famous and popular ones!
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