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Spanish desserts with chocolate

Sweets in Spain are delicious, we all know that, but unfortunately, we must also admit Spanish chocolate desserts aren´t so common. That said, if you are a chocolate lover, don´t worry about it, because you will still be able to find great options. To make Spanish desserts with chocolate, most of the times they would just choose one of the popular sweets in Spain and mix it with chocolate. Below you will find the 5 most famous and traditional Spanish chocolate dessert recipes:

Churros with chocolate sauce


Of course, we had to start our list of Spanish chocolate desserts, with the most famous one, “Churros con chocolate caliente”, as it is known in Spain. It is more than just a dessert, locals usually get it for breakfast time, but it can be eaten whenever you want.

The way to eat it is easy, just make sure the chocolate drink is hot enough and then mixed with each churro. You will be able to order them at any “churreria” in Spain, but don´t worry if you are not there, because it is super easy to make, and you will sure be able to do it at home.

 Turron de Chocolate


Turron is one of the most typical desserts during Christmas time in Spain. These Spanish sweets are made of different flavors and textures, the most common ones are Turron blando and turron duro which are made with almonds, honey, eggs, and sugar as the main ingredients.

But everyone loves chocolate, so they of course had to create a different version with it. They didn´t just create one type of chocolate turron, they made many different ones, even a white chocolate turron, which by the way we love it.

You will either be able to buy one or make it at home easily.

Miguelitos de chocolate


You may not have heard about these delicious Spanish chocolate pastries before, but here in Spain everyone loves them.

They were originated in a small town in Albacete called La Roda. At first its recipe was mainly made of puff pastry filled with cream, but it became so popular, that they of course created different types of Miguelitos; with chocolate, white chocolate, and the centenarios.

We must advice you, once you start eating Miguelitos, you won´t be able to stop, so be careful and don´t order too much. In case you are on a diet, you can always get the Miniguelitos which are a little bit smaller.

Photo by: Tamorlan

Polvorones and Mantecados de Chocolate


We must go back to Christmas, the other popular pastry from this time of the year also has its own version with chocolate. Furthermore, you can find polvorones of many different flavors, lemon, coconut, cinnamon…

Although in our opinion nothing can beat the original recipe, it is true that trying something different occasionally, is always a great option. Also, in this case the recipe is almost the same as the original, you will just have to add the chocolate, so it doesn´t change so much.

Bueñuelos de Chocolate


Last of all and finishing with our list of the best Spanish chocolate dessert, we have the Buñuelos. The original recipe of this sweet is called Buñuelo de Viento and the filling instead of being chocolate is vanilla cream.

The same way we told you before the original recipe is better, in this case the ones made with chocolate are in our opinion almost as good.

Buñuelos can be eaten all year long, but the most common season to find them is lent and spring break. You will be able to buy them in almost every bakery, but its price isn´t usually cheap, so you can always try to make them at home.

Enjoy the traditional Spanish chocolate desserts!

This is our list of the top 5 traditional Spanish desserts with chocolate, but we are sure you have other options in mind. We would love to know which ones you would add to your Spanish chocolate desserts menu, let us know in the comments!

➤ Top 5 Traditional Spanish Desserts with Chocolate ⭐ (Recipes)
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➤ Top 5 Traditional Spanish Desserts with Chocolate ⭐ (Recipes)
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