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How to make & eat traditional Spanish flan recipe

photo by Tony Prats in Pixabay

I bet most of you have heard about the flan pudding recipe, as it´s very common everywhere in the world. Although its origin is quite unknown, it´s true that the traditional Spanish flan pudding recipe is famous for being one of the best types of flan in the world.

Today we will teach you all the facts about flan: What is Spanish flan? How to eat flan? Which are the ingredients to make flan? What´s the best flan recipe? The history of flan and more information about the authentic Spanish flan.

How to make traditional Spanish flan recipe?

Photo by ALFONSO CHARLES en Pixabay

One of the best things about this Spanish dessert is that it´s very simple. This easy Spanish flan recipe will take you just about 70 minutes to have it done.  Only about 10 minutes of preparation and other 60 minutes of cooking. This recipe is for between 4/5 people. Enjoy learning how to make flan.

Ingredients to make flan

Photo by Steve Buissinne en Pixabay

The flan ingredients for 4 are:

  • 3-4 eggs
  • A cup of sugar
  • 1 can of 14-ounce sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 can of 12-ounce evaporated milk
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 tbsp of vanilla

Traditional Spanish flan recipe

Photo by CranberryWine en Pixabay
  1. In a large bowl add the 3 eggs, the sweetened condensed milk, the evaporated milk and the vanilla. Mix them together until blended.
  2. To make the caramel, add water and sugar and mix them all together to dissolve the sugar. Put it to medium heat until it has a golden-brown color.
  3. Pour the caramel and the custard in a baking pan.
  4. Place in a big dish, a towel and hot water. Then put the baking pan over the towel and heat it in the oven for about 40 minutes.
  5. When it´s done, let it cool and refrigerate for 2-4 hours or overnight.
  6. Once the wait is over, your Spanish caramel flan recipe is done, and you can flip into a plate and serve it. Add more caramel or cream on the top and enjoy it!

Other facts about Flan

Now you know all about the recipe for Spanish flan. Next, you will learn some other interesting facts about the Spanish flan:

What is Spanish Flan?

What is a Spanish flan?? The Spanish Flan is a baked egg and creamy pudding or custard dessert. Although it´s a very popular dessert all over the world, in Spain is cooked in a different way, but it´s also very famous. The easy Spanish Flan pudding is known for being very simple and for being the perfect dessert for your guests. In Spain is generally cooked with caramel.

How to eat flan?

There are many ways to eat flan. This time I am not talking about eating it on a plate with a fork or slurping it, like kids do.

Flans are normally served with caramel on the top but depending on where you eat it and on your taste this could be different. Another ways to eat flan is with an ice cream, with chocolate or Nutella, or even with nuts or coconut.

Different types of Flan

Photo by RitaE en Pixabay

As we were saying there are many different types of Flan, and depending where you eat it, this one will have a different flavor. These are the most typical types of flan:

Mexican Flan:

It is said that one of the first things that Spaniards brought to South America was its flan. Although these two are some of the most similar types of flan, there are a few differences between Spanish and Mexican flan. The Spanish flan contains more egg than the Mexican one, and the flan from Mexico is normally cooked with orange zest.

Coconut Flan:

It´s one of the most popular types of flan and it´s very common in Puerto Rico. As Coconut is starting to be more and more famous each day, we are sure you will love to try it. A quick tip that will help you with your coconut flan recipe is to add raspberry on top of it.

Dark Chocolate flan recipe:

Chocolate lovers can´t try a dessert that does not have chocolate on it. That´s why, if this is your case you should try making the Dark Chocolate flan recipe. It´s as simple as adding chocolate to the normal recipe!

Other flan recipes:

Although there are a million types of flan, other very popular flans are: The Cheese Flan, the Quesillo (Venezuelan flan), Coffee flan or Mango Flan. But again, these are just some of the most famous types of flan, but you can try to make your own type of Flan and who knows maybe it tastes delicious.

Where to buy Flan?

Photo by skeeze en Pixabay

Many people won’t have the time to learn how to make flan pudding, and their only way of eating it is buying it somewhere else. If you want flan for your daily life, we advise you to go to Mercadona, Alcampo or whatever supermarket you have around. We are sure they offer different types of flan and these are not so bad.

But if your goal is to taste a delicious and authentic Spanish flan, we recommend you visiting La Primera where you may try the best flan in Madrid. Or you can go to Tresss i no res (known for having the best cheese flan in Barcelona)

History of Spanish Flan

After learning everything about the flan custard, you may want to know a little bit about the Spanish flan history. The origin of flan comes from the Roman Empire, as they were the first ones who domesticate chickens and they have abundance of eggs.

The Spaniards were the ones who decided to add the sweet part with the caramel. Later they brought this famous dessert to South America where is very popular.

Enjoy the flan custard recipe!


That´s all you need to know about how to make the traditional Spanish flan. Hope you enjoy it and you can eat it at home with your friends and family! If you have any question or suggestion, let us know!