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Top 5 Spanish drinks for kids

There are a million types of beverages in Spain, unfortunately most of them are with alcohol which is fine if we are not going on a family vacation with the kids, but what happens if that´s not the case…Is there any Spanish drink for the kids?


Luckily, there are 5 very famous Spanish drinks for kids, and we can tell you that these are delicious and not only children enjoy it.

🥛 1) Horchata/ Tiger nut milk


The horchata is probably the most recognized Spanish kid drink internationally, as it´s also served in Mexico and other countries of Latin America.

The truth is that this drink has its origins in “La Comunidad Valenciana” in Spain. It´s made out of tiger nuts or how people say it in Valencia “Chufas”. Of course, to give it a sweeter taste, sugar is added in the process.

Although is not extremely popular in other areas of Spain, you can still find it in many markets, as it´s a perfect drink for the hot summer of the Iberian Peninsula. Plus, Kids love it!

🍧 2) Granizado


On second place we need to talk about the popular granizados, and as you can imagine is a cold drink you can only find during the summer months.

In our opinion granizados are the favorite Spanish kids drink (At least they were for me on my early ages). It is very common to order one at the “Chiringuito” (bar) when you are at the beach or the pool, while the parents order a beer or a tinto.

You can find granizados of all types depending on the area of Spain. The most common ones are lemon, orange or strawberry.

🥤 3) Aquarius


This one probably sounds strange for you, as it´s only popular in the Iberian Peninsula. Aquarius is a drink owned by Coca-Cola and it´s known as the Spanish soda. Although it was first commercialized in Japan, years later was the official drink for the Olympic games of Spain.

It´s true that many kids prefer to have a coke or a Fanta, but others like Aquarius better as it doesn´t have so much gas and it feels better for your stomach.

You can have Aquarius during the whole year, especially when you visit fast food restaurants as McDonalds or Burger King. Acuarius is not served much in restaurants.

☕️ 4) Hot chocolate


Of course, a cup of hot chocolate is not original from Spain, but it´s what you will find many times during the winter months at the Peninsula…especially in Christmas season.

There is not a single year that the families of Spain don´t drink a cup of hot chocolate with churros during the 6th of January when the three wise man come to bring the presents to the kids.

I know you probably drink it in your own country, but I can guarantee you that it doesn´t feel the same way when you share it with some churros or other Spanish sweets.

🍇 5) Salobreña (non-alcoholic worts)


We end up this list of Spanish drinks for kids with the Salobreña, which is by far the less popular Spanish kid drink.  

Salobreña as it happens with other varieties, is a non-alcoholic wort (Or “Mosto” as it´s said in Spanish) that comes from Granada. Some kids like it, others not so much. It´s basically like a juice so we recommend you give it a try.

👦 Other Spanish kid drinks

These were the top 5 typical drinks for kids in Spain, the ones that most people prefer are granizado and horchata, but we recommend you trying them all.


Other than that, the kids in Spain also drink sodas like coke, Fanta and Nestea. Of course they also drink milk with Colacao or Nesquik for breakfast.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the Spanish drinks for kids, and if you have any other question, please let us know.

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