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Most popular Spanish soda drinks

Spain is known for its wines, beers, liqueurs and many other types of drinks, but sodas are not their strength at all. Anyway, you can still find some Spanish soda brands…Today we are going to tell you not only about the sodas that are originally from Spain, but also about the international ones that Spanish people drink the most.

Top 3 original Sodas from Spain

This list is very short, as we said before Spaniards focus more on producing good wines than making any type of sodas, but you can still find a few of them:

1) La Casera


We are going to consider “La Casera” as the national soda drink of Spain”. This drink is popular all over the country and of course is mainly used to accompany other wines.

Imagine how unpopular are sodas in Spain, that their only “Famous” drink is not used as a regular soda like Coca-Cola or Fanta, but as an accompaniment. Spanish people prefer to use “La Casera” as a drink that lowers the alcohol level on their wines and beers (It also gives a softer flavor)

This beverage is very similar to drinks like 7-UP or Sprite, but people don´t use it as a normal drink because it contains way less sugar (and it´s not so sweet). The good thing about “La Casera” is that it doesn´t have as much calories as most soda drinks.

2) Aquarius


In this case, we are talking about our favourite Soda in Spain. It´s true that the origin of Aquarius doesn´t come from Spain, but it´s so popular over there that we are going to consider it as if it was from the country.

The Aquarius is a sports drink created by The Coca-Cola Company in 1978. The country where it was first introduced was Japan, and it was later in 1991 when it was brought to Spain and Portugal. In 1992 it became the official drink of the Olympic games in Barcelona and since then, the soda had a boom all over the country.

Nowadays, Aquarius is famous in many countries and it has all kinds of flavors: Grapefruit, watermelon, orange, Red peach…but it´s especially famous for being a “Spanish lemon soda”. You can have it in most of the Spanish restaurants.

Foto: David Sánchez

3) Kas


The list continues with a less popular drink, but there are a few people who can still recognize the Spanish soda brand “Kas”.

Kas or also known as Bitter Kas is the first and only orange Spanish soda created in the country. Luis Knörr Elorza is the one who invented it in 1956 and his idea came by mixing some soda pop with orange juice. At the beginning “Kas” was super popular and they even sponsored a cyclist team who had many sport achievements. Unfortunately, 5 years after its creation, Fanta arrived to Spain and Kas almost disappeared in many areas of Spain.

Years later, Kas also created the lemon and apple versions of their drink.

Foto: Nacho

2 international popular sodas in Spain

Those were the three sodas that had their origin in Spain, there are more but even the Spanish people don´t know about them. In the country of the Iberian Peninsula, people also drink international sodas, and these are the ones you will find in most shops and restaurants:

4) Coca-Cola


Although it´s true that during the last years Coca-Cola is being less popular and people don´t consume it that much, you can still buy it everywhere all over the country, in shops, restaurants, cinemas…Everywhere!

Of course, wines and beers are always on first place, but when talking about sodas, Coca-Cola is still Spaniard´s favorite.

Other than its popularity, there is a huge connection between Coca-Cola and Spain. There are many rumors saying that the recipe of Coca-Cola was actually invented in a village of the Valencian Community in 1884. The official origin of Coca-Cola is in Atlanta but the rumors of being invented in Spain are very strong.

5) Nestea


It´s true that Nestea is part of the Coca-Cola company, but it´s a complete different drink and we have to say that during the last years, it had become very consumed by kids and young adults in Spain.

Lately, people prefer to have cold refreshments without gas. Fanta, Coca-Cola, Sprite taste very good, but it´s true that many people complain because after drinking it they have stomachache, and that doesn´t happen that much with drinks without gas.

Nestea is a tea cold sweet drink that with its natural aromas gives a much healthier impression than other sodas.

Other Soda brands and names you can buy in Spain


Now, you know which are the authentic Spanish soda drinks, and the ones local consume the most, but if any of these are not enough for you, don´t worry because you will still find many other brands.

For example, as a substitution of Coca-Cola, you will see the brand Pepsi in many restaurants and sincerely there are not many differences between them. If you are looking for lemon or orange sodas in Spain, Fanta is the biggest brand, but you can also buy Trina (without gas).

Sprite, 7-UP and Schweppes are also very common in the Hispanic country.

Which are your favorite Spanish sodas?

That´s it! This is all you need to know about the Spanish fizzy drinks, as you have seen there is not a huge variety, so if you ever visit Spain, you will have enough time to try them all.

In our opinion Aquarius is the best soda in Spain, but as soon as you try them, we would love to know which one you like the most.

Hope this article was useful, and if you have any question about the sodas or anything about the Spanish gastronomy, let us know!

≫ Top 5 most popular Spanish soda drinks 【 in 2021 】
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≫ Top 5 most popular Spanish soda drinks 【 in 2021 】
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