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Typical & FAMOUS SPANISH STARTERS and entrees with recipes!!


After you´re done eating the tapas, you might still be hungry and ready to eat some more. That´s when the traditional spanish starters come up, which won´t disappoint you! Depending on the region where you are, the entrees menu will change, but almost everywhere you will have a wide variety. Below you will find some of the typical and most famous Spanish starters divided in different types of diets:

Famous Spanish starters:

There is  a huge list of typical Spanish starters, but just some of the are very popular all over the country. Next you will find some of the most famous Spanish starters (click on them to learn more about each entree):

Easy Spanish starters:

We all love Spanish food, but sometimes we are just too lazy or we don´t have the time to start cooking and prepare some delicious food. Next you can find some very quick and easy Spanish starters. You won´t have any excuse to not make them!

Spanish vegetarian starters:


Although Spain is the best place for anyone who loves pork and meat, vegetarians should worry too much about what to eat here. The vegetarian Spanish food is also pretty good and there is a wide variety to choose.  That also happens with the entrees, here you will find some of the traditional Spanish starters for vegetarians:

Asparagus with eggs

Wild asparagus are famous during spring seasons, therefore the Asparagus with eggs plate is also popular in Spain. Although it usually includes some ham, you can just them to do without it and it will still be delicious! You can also add some bread crumbs and the texture will get even better.

Authentic Gazpacho


One of the healthiest and easiest Spanish food is the famous Gazpacho from Andalusia. Although many times it is served as an appetizer, it can also be you first plate. In any case, you need to try this Spanish gem.

Salmorejo soup


The famous salmorejo cordobes is very similar to the Gazpacho, but not quite the same. There are even some people who like the salmorejo but can´t even try the gazpacho or the other way around. The main differences between one and the other are the amount of bread and the pepper.

Spanish fried eggplant with honey


Although some say it comes from when the moor conquered the Iberian Peninsula, the plate has been cooked for so long all over the country, that Spaniards have taken it as it was theirs. Anyway, doesn´t matter who invented it, because it´s delicious. Make sure to add some honey to the top of the fried eggplant, you will see the difference!

Spanish starters with meat/fish


And now let´s get to the ones that include fish or meat. Of course, vegetarian ones are delicious, but if Spanish food is famous for something, that is its meat and fish. Here is a list with some of the best Spanish starters with either meat or fish:

Spanish mussels’ style as starters

The mussels are also one of those things that are served as tapas. But it is very common, to just order them as starters in a big plate and get like dozens of them! Although you will find different styles all over the country, the most famous ones, are the Spanish mussels in tomato sauce, which are delicious!

Galician Octopus


Before we tell you anything about one of the most famous starters, you should know that once you try it, eating other type of Octopus won´t be the same! Everyone who tries it, end up loving it! The Galician style main characteristic is having some sweet Spanish paprika on the top of it and potatoes, but another very important thing you can´t forget, is adding the olive oil.

Spanish style sardines

We have seen them in very different ways, but all of them good. As it happens with many other dishes, the key here is the olive oil. That said other things you will see in the Spanish sardines, are olives, tomato or even some carrots. That will depend on what you prefer. Our favorite are the sardines with tomato soup.

Shripm cakes (tortillita de camarones)

We couldn´t believe it neither. We aren´t going to lie, the first time we heard about the shrimp tortillas in Cadiz, we thought it was very weird. But we gave it a try and it was delicious. You won´t find them anywhere else, so if you are traveling to Cadiz, you should try it.

Starters in Spanish restaurants

It´s true that there is a huge variety of starters in Spain, but generally when you go to a restaurant you will for sure find the most typical Spanish starters. These are the croquettes, boquerones, mussels, calamari, empanada…Although all these famous starters are a must, we advice you to be creative and try different ones like the pimientos de piquillo or the Spanish cayos, they will surprise you!

Some good restaurants to eat startes in Spain are Mariscos Emilio, in Sevilla or Casa Toni, in Madrid.

Your Spanish starters menu


These are just some of the traditional Spanish starters, but there are way more, so we would love to hear which ones are your favorites and if you think we should add any other plate to this menus.