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Spanish food for kids

When we travel to a different country, one of the things that worries us the most is if our kids will enjoy their food, or they won´t like it at all. You don´t want to eat in McDonalds, Burger King or other fast-food companies when visiting Spain, and that´s why we have brought you a full guide with the best Spanish foods for kids. Most of the kids like these dishes, so hopefully yours too.


1) Churros with chocolate


When talking about the Spanish children´s food, you need to mention their sweets and snacks because kids will love them. Churros are probably one of the three most famous foods in Spain, and although you will only find them with chocolate during the winter months, they are very typical without it in summer too.

In case you don´t know, churros are fried doughs with sugar, so of course don´t give them many of these. In Spain is very common to wake up early, go to a “churreria” and buy churros and “porras” for the family. It´s the best way to start the day.

2) Padron peppers


It´s true that kids will love desserts and sweets no matter where you go, but one thing they won´t eat that much are veggies. That´s why you should tell them to try Padron peppers. Although by just looking at the picture, you may think these are normal peppers, the truth is that they hide a secret on their taste.

Some of the Padron peppers are spicy and some are not, you can use it as a game for the kids and we can guarantee you that they will eat more peppers than in the whole life. They may even realize that vegetables are not so bad.

3) Bravas Potatoes


Every Spanish kid love patatas bravas (including ourselves when we were young), and that´s why we think kids from other countries will love them too.

The bravas potatoes are as simple as making fried cube potatoes and mixing them with the brava sauce. This sauce although its red and it is made with tomato, it´s not ketchup at all, it´s way healthier! But be careful, because sometimes it can be a little bit spicy.

No matter where you go in Spain, most of the restaurants have patatas bravas on their menus, but there are more chances of eating them in Madrid.

4) Pan tumaca


If you are looking for those easy Spanish recipes for kids, Pan tumaca is the best one for you. Although kids love aioli, bravas and many others, these normally take more time, but making pan tumaca will literally take you about 5/10 minutes.

Do you have tomato, olive oil and bread for a toast? If you do, you are more than ready because that´s all you really need to make it. See below the whole recipe.

Tumaca sauce is eaten everywhere in Spain, although its origins are from Catalonia, now you can have them in almost every restaurant of the country.

5) Cured meats and cheeses


These are what we call “embutidos” in Spain, and there you can find chorizo, jamon, morcilla and many other types of meats and sausages. Spanish kids love these and they can´t stop eating them, so you may want to try it with you own kids to see if it works the same way.

 There is only one problem, cured meats are something very typical in the Iberian Peninsula, but not in other countries. We recommend you to just trying it before eating a bunch of these “embutidos”.

6) Spanish Omelet


Foods made with eggs are always a great option for kids, it happens with normal omelets, with scrambled eggs, with boiled eggs, and it also happens with the famous and traditional “Tortilla de patatas”, or in English, Spanish omelet.

I am sure you agree with us, that there is no better combination for kids than mixing potatoes with eggs…right? Well, that´s all this recipe need (Olive oil and salt of course).

Depending on who is cooking it, the Spanish omelet can be found with onion or without it, we can already tell you that kids like it better without onion.

7) Bocadillos or sandwiches


The last of option and the most kid friendly food from Spain are bocadillos and sandwiches. Bocatas will save you in case your kid doesn´t want anything from the menu. They sell them at almost every restaurant, and it´s true that there is no kid that will say no to a good sandwich of cheese and turkey.

For a more “Spanish style bocata”, go to Madrid and ask for a Calamari sandwich, is very typical over there and it´s delicious.

Enjoy the Spanish children´s food

All these are perfect Spanish foods for kids (We know sometimes they have a very specific taste), but of course, adults also love them. There are actually many other Spanish recipes that kids may enjoy, so if you find others, tell us!

Hope this article was useful, and if you have any other question, please let us know.

ᐉ 7 BEST Spanish food for KIDS 【 in 2021 】 ⭐️
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ᐉ 7 BEST Spanish food for KIDS 【 in 2021 】 ⭐️
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