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Authentic Spanish magdalenas (muffins) recipe

Spanish breakfasts are not made for sweet tooth! Pan tumaca, a strong coffee and maybe they are able to eat salty crepes, but what about the people who want to have a cake or at least some cookies? They clearly don´t think about us. If you feel the same way as we do, or if you just want the Spanish Magdalena recipe, stay with us because these cupcakes are worth it.

What are Spanish magdalenas?


First of all, if you don´t know what magdalenas are, here is the exact definition: “Magdalenas are a medium size, round/square, sponge and fairy cakes”. Basically, these are cupcakes like the ones you can find in the US or other countries, but without so much sugar and a lemon flavor. Oh, and you should also know that they are normally eaten with a glass of milk or coffee.

👨‍🍳 How to make Spanish magdalenas?

Without further hesitation, we are going to tell you about a very easy recipe for magdalenas, it won´t take you much time and the results are amazing..

Magdalenas ingredients

  • 3-4 large eggs
  • 240 grams of sugar
  • A pinch of lemon zest
  • 70 ml of milk
  • 225 ml of olive oil
  • 250 grams of flour
  • 10 grams of baking powder
  • A pinch of salt

⏰Magdalenas cooking time:

  • 60 mins
  • 💪 Magdalenas calories:

  • 193.8

Other Magdalenas nutrition facts 🍽️

  • Total Fat 11g
  • Protein 2g
  • Total Carbohydrate 20g

Spanish cupcakes recipe 🍳

  • 1) On a big crystal bowl add the eggs and mix them with the sugar and the lemon zest. It takes way less time and effort if you have an electric whisk, but you can also do it manually.
  • 2) Once it´s all well combined, add the milk while you keep whisking it. Do the same process with oil.
  • 3) With a strainer add the flour and then the baking powder.
  • 4) Put it all together and move it for 5 minutes with a silicone spatula.
  • 5) The next step is covering it with foil paper and putting it on the fridge for about 40 minutes.
  • 6) While your mixture is on the fridge preheat the oven to 200º degrees and prepare a cupcake tray with paper cups.
  • 7) Fill the paper cups, add just a tiny bit of salt on top of each muffin and put it in the oven for around 20 minutes.
  • 8)Take out of the oven and your traditional Spanish magdalenas recipe will be done.

Types of Spanish muffins

We have just learned the Spanish lemon cupcakes, which are by far the most common and typical magdalenas all over Spain. There are many other easy recipes for magdalenas, let´s see which one looks better for you:

  • Chocolate chips magdalenas: Probably the second most common option is the muffin with chocolate chips, as they are sold in many markets and people like it very much. These are actually very similar to the normal ones, but of course they have chocolate inside.

  • Chocolate chips magdalenas: Probably the second most common option is the muffin with chocolate chips, as they are sold in many markets and people like it very much. These are actually very similar to the normal ones, but of course they have chocolate inside.

  • Vegan magdalenas: Last of all, if you are following a vegan diet, don´t worry because there are also magdalenas for you. Eggs and milk are used in most of the recipes to make muffins, but luckily eggs are not needed and you can exchange the milk for soy or almond milk.  

Magdalenas origin and History


Many people wonder where did magdalenas originate and the truth is that there are many theories about it. Depending on who tells you the story, the origin of magdalenas could be from Spain or from France.

The ones that believe magdalenas were invented in France say that these Spanish cupcakes are very similar to the French madeleines, which are shell-shaped butter sponge cakes. In our opinion, the magdalenas from Spain are very different, not only on the shape but also on the taste.

On another hand, it is said that along time ago, a young girl named Magdalena (A common name in Spain), made these cupcakes and served them to the pilgrims that were doing the famous “Camino de Santiago”. Since then, magdalenas started to become more popular, and now they are eaten all over Spain.

At what time do people eat magdalenas in Spain?


You can really eat magdalenas whenever you want, you are absolutely free to do it. Now, if you want to be like Spanish people, these cupcakes are normally eaten during two times of the day.

Most of the people have Spanish muffins early in the morning during breakfast. A normal breakfast in Spain could have a fruit, a toast of pan tumaca or a glass of milk with cereals, cookies or magdalenas. These are not typical in every single family, but they are quite common, and breakfast is the time where people eat them the most.

The second option is eating Spanish cupcakes during the “merienda” (A snack that occurs 3/4 hours after lunch). Again, people accompany the muffin with a glass of milk or coffee and use it as a dipping sauce.

Where to buy Spanish magdalenas?

When you visit Spain, you realize magdalenas are everywhere…small shops, big markets or even street shops. But If you want to buy the authentic Spanish magdalenas we recommend you going to a bakery, as they are specialized in doing all kinds of sweets and over there, they taste much better. Unluckily, you may not be in Spain, but don´t worry because you can easily make them at home, and below you can find all the products you need for the recipe:

Hope you enjoyed learning the Spanish cupcakes recipe!

As you have seen, the recipe for magdalenas is very easy and as soon as you start making them at home, you will become an expert and it won´t take you much of your time.

There are many types of Spanish cupcakes, so you need to try to learn each of them until you discover which one is your favorite.

That´s basically all you need to know about the “Spanish cupcakes magdalenas”, hope the recipe was useful, and if you have any other question, please let us know, we would love to solve it.

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