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Spanish Marcona almonds

Marcona almonds have been getting popular in countries like United States or United Kingdom over the last years, but people in Spain were enjoying them way before that happened. Now a days, the Spanish Marcona almonds are known as the best ones in the world, but why is that? Today we are going to tell you everything about them; which ones are the best, where to buy them, prices, different ways of making them, curiosities…

Best Spanish Marcona almonds


There are so many stores and brands selling Marcona almonds now a days, that choosing the ideal one is getting harder. We have made a buying guide with the characteristics of the 3 most popular Marconas, that way you won´t waste your time looking at all the different types there are. The last one is our favorite!

1) Kirkland Signature Marcona Almonds


With more than 1000 ratings and 4´5 stars, we, of course, had to start with one of the most sold Marcona Almonds there is, the ones from Kirkland.

These Marcona almonds from Spain are roasted and seasoned with sea salt, so they will taste just like the ones from Spain. They have a crunchy texture and kind of a sweet taste.

The package come with 20.7 ounces of almonds, which is a much bigger size than many of the other Spanish Marcona almonds you will find in the market.

2) Mitica


If you just want to try them out or you are looking for something smaller that won´t take up that much space and will be much cheaper, these package from Mitica is ideal.

The box dimensions are 3.65 x 3.65 x 2.4 inches, and it comes with 4 ounces of Marcona Almonds.

As it happened in the previous option, these almonds are also vegetarian or vegan options and they are roasted in Sunflower Oil and Sea Salt.

Due to the amount you will be getting, these almonds are ideal if you are planning to use them in a plate like salad.

3) Yupik Nuts Blanched Whole almonds


Last of all, we bring you something a little bit different, but still a high a high-quality option.

Yupik almonds are Amazon´s favorite choice, they are healthier and more natural than the previous option and are rated with 4,5 starts and great opinions.

The reason with they are healthier, is that they are raw Marcona almonds, therefore, they are not cooked and don´t include any salt or oil.

Another advantage of not being cooked, is that you will be able to use them in different meals like cakes or cookies.

¿Where to buy Spanish Marcona almonds?


Now that you have read about the most popular options, you might be wondering where can you get them, right?

If you are planning to buy Marcona Almonds online, the best option is for sure Amazon, as you will have all the ones, we have told you before and many more, plus there is always comments and opinions about each type that will help you decide.

In case you want to buy them in a store, Costco is a great option, the only problem is that they don´t always have them.

Other popular Marcona almonds brands are Bella Maria, Whole Foods, Trader Joe´s, Don Juan

What do Marcona almonds taste like?


For those who are still doubting about these Spanish almonds, we are going to tell you a little bit more about them, so you can be fully convinced.

Let´s start with the taste. The main difference between common almonds, like the ones from California and the Marconas is the sweeter taste and softer texture.

The taste will also change depending on how they are made, there are usually three different ways of eating them; first of all, the most common one, which is fried or toasted, secondly raw, which is the healthiest option and last of all Marcona almonds mixed with spices like rosemary.

What can they be used for?


Last of all, let us tell you about its different purposes.

Of course, the most common one, is eating right it away, they are delicious, so why not?

But if they have gotten so popular in restaurants, that´s because they are used to cook different meals. Some of the most famous Marcona almonds recipes are salads, combines with other tapas such as cheese or chorizo and even desserts like pies, crepes, or cookies.

Enjoy the Spanish Marcona almonds

Hope you have liked our article about and please if you have any question or suggestion, let us know in the comments.

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