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Don Juan Marcona Almonds

As you can imagine just by hearing the name, Don Juan is a brand specialized in Spanish products, such as chorizo, ham or even Iberic cheese. Of course, they have many other things, one of their most popular products are almonds. Today we are going to tell you everything about Don Juan Marcona almonds; where can you buy them, the different types you will find, pros and cons…

Which Don Juan Marcona almonds should you buy?


Although the quantity might change and you can order 1, 2, 3 or even more packs, the taste is always going to be the same, as there are just two different types. Let us go deep into them:

1) Don Juan Marcona almonds fried in olive oil


Let´s begin with the most famous and common ones!

This almonds from Don Juan, are brought in a small container of 4.2 ounces. They are not much, so it is ideal, if just want to have a snack at home for your «cheat days» or if you want to use them in a salad or to make a cake. Of course, you can also just eat them right away.

If you are looking for nutrition facts, you must know each serving is around 180 Kcal. This type of almonds are in general healthy and they are usually rich in proteins.

2) Don Juan Marcona almonds truffle salt


The other popular Marcona almonds from Don Juan come with truffle salt, which adds an special aroma and taste to them.

You will find them within a small container of 4.2 ounces and as it happens with the previous ones, you will be able to order up to 6 packs of them and for each extra unit, you will get a discount.

These ones are a little bit more expensive than the previous one, but in our opinion the extra price is totally worth it.  The calories per serving of these almonds with truffle salt are 190Kcal.

Why should you buy Don Juan Marcona almonds?

At this point you might already be convinced about trying the Marcona almonds from Don Juan, but just in case you still have any doubts, below you can find the advantages and disadvantages of buying them from this brand.


👍 High quality-price ratio.

👍 There are different options depending on how much almonds you want.

👍 You can order them from home, and you won´t have to go to the store.


👍 It is hard to find them in different stores other than in Amazon.

Our Don Juan Marcona almonds review


We hope you have found our article useful, and we were able to help you decide which almonds you want. Let us know in the comments if you have any other question or suggestion about the Marcona almonds from Don Juan.

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