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Best paella pans of 2021

Paella pans are more than just a cooking tool, they are the perfect excuse to invite your family and friends over and enjoy the evening under the sun. If you are a real paella lover, you have just made it to the right place.

We are going to show you the best and most authentic paella pans of the year, as well some extra tips and reviews.

What are the best paella pans for sale?

After analyzing all kind of “paelleras” and having in mind not only our thoughts, but also the different types there is and the opinions and reviews they have online, we have concluded, these are the best paella pans of 2021:

1) Machika Polished Steel Paella Pan


Let´s start with one we believe is the best paella pan in 2021. It is the most sold paella pan in Amazon and its almost 1000 ratings with 4,5 stars prove how good it is.

First, we have to say it is an authentic Spanish paella pan, as it is original from Valencia, the place where you will find the best paellas in the world.

It is made of Polished Steel, a material that isn´t just easier to use (it isn´t so heavy), but also conducts heat quickly. If it´s cleaned properly, this material will last longer.

Another advantage this paella pan has is its wide variety of sizes. You will be able to choose between 10 inches (26cm) paella pan for 2 servings, to 26 inches (65cm) for 22 servings.

In case all that wasn´t enough, it´s also super cheap and affordable for all kind of pockets.

  • Made of top-grade carbon steel, which conducts heat quickly.
  • It is lighter than most paella pans.
  • Available in many different sizes.
  • Imported all the way from Valencia, Spain.

  • It is supper important to clean it properly, otherwise it will rust.

2) Garcima Stainless steel paella pan


In Spain, traditional paella pans aren´t just used for cooking, but also to serve. Therefore, many people care about its design and how good is its look. If this is your case, this stainless-steel pan is for sure a great choice. They are also ideal to give them as a gift.

Other than its look, the advantages of using a stainless steel paelleras are prevention against rust, good conductivity, and minimal toxicity. Also, comparing it with the traditional carbon steel paella pans, this one will not require so much cleaning and maintenance.

The only “but” they have, is that it doesn´t distribute the heat as well, so some parts may not get as cooked as others. Luckily, you can easily fix this, if you are burner or a stove of the same size.

  • Beautiful design and look.
  • Great conductivity
  • Prevention against rusting
  • Imported all the way from Spain.
  • It is available in many different sizes.

  • The heat doesn´t distribute as well.

3) Sertodo copper alicante paella pan


They might not be as a cheap, but everyone loves copper paella pans like this one, and there are a few reasons for it.

It is a pan that conducts the heat very well plus it has a stunning design. This tool won´t just be a good idea for paellas, but also to make other dishes such as Spanish omelette, sauces… so it has multiple purposes. 

If treated correctly, it can even last for many generations, so it is a great investment. The handles are made of stainless steel, so they won´t get as hot as the rest of the pan and it will be easier to manage.

Last of all, you can find this pan in 3 different sizes: 12 inches, 15 and 18.

  • Stunning design
  • Long durability
  • Multiple uses
  • Great heat conductor

  • The price of copper paella pans is generally higher.

Best paella pan brands

Those are some of the best paella pans you will find in 2021, but of course there are many other options you could explore.

A great way to look for good paelleras is to have in mind the brand that sells it. There are a few brands like Garcima or Le Creuset that have been popular for a long time and are always a safe option.

We always recommend buying paella pans online, but if you prefer going all the way to the store, sometimes you may find paella cooking pans at stores like Walmart or Target.

How to choose a paella pan:

At first it is choosing the ideal paella pan might even seem difficult, but trust us, it isn´t. There are just a few things you should have in mind previously.


📏 Paella pan size: It is important to know how many people will you usually be cooking for. Is it just for you and your couple, do you also have kids, maybe you want it for those weekend days when your friends are coming over. There are small paella pans, average ones, large and even giant paella pans.

⚙️ Material: Paella pans are made of many different materials, the most common one and the one Spaniards use is Carbon steel, but you will also find paella pans made of copper, stainless steel… There is no better material than other, you just must know which one cover your needs best.

💰 Paella pan price: Finally, you should always look for the price-quality ratio. Although paella pans are usually cheap and affordable for all kind of pockets, there are some that are more expensive and better than others, in that case you just need to know how much you will use it, and if it is worth it spending a few bucks more.

Why should you buy paella pans?


At this point we are sure you are 90% convinced about getting a paella pan. You may even know which one you want to buy, but for those who are still doubting, bellow we are going to tell you some advantages and disadvantages of buyiing a quality paella pan.


👍 Making a paella with it, won´t only be easier, but also more fun.

👍 Cooking in a paella pan adds a special flavor to the dish.

👍 You will be able to get the famous socarrat, the caramelized downside.

👍 The layer of rice should never be more than two inches deep and that´s the reason why paella pans are so helpful.

👍 You will be able to use it to cook many other dishes such as pancakes, bacon, chicken cutlets…


👎 They take up much more space than a common pan.

👎 Depending on the material, they might require more cleaning and maintenance.

Paella Pans Reviews and Opinions

Most of the authentic and traditional paellas are made in a paella pan, as there is no better way to do it. They are much easier to use, and final taste is much better.

In terms of price, as you have seen they are usually ridiculously cheap and whenever the price is higher, it is due to the material it is made of, so it will last you longer. We hope you have found this article useful, and you can start make paella soon! Please if you have any suggestions or questions about paella makers, let us know in the comments.

🥘 3 Best Paella Pans to buy in 2021 | Reviews & Opinions
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🥘 3 Best Paella Pans to buy in 2021 | Reviews & Opinions
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