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Carbon steel paella pan

Although lately there are like a million materials for paella pans, the one that it´s still considered the best to make paellas, is the traditional carbon steel paella pan. Today we are going to tell you which are the best carbon steel paella pan models, the pros and cons of this material and absolutely everything else you need to know.

Which is the best carbon steel paella pan?

Since is the most traditional type of paella pan, there are many options out there in the market to choose the one you want to buy but be careful because not all of them are equally good. After analyzing some of the most sold models, we have made a list with the ones that are for us the best carbon steel paella pans on sale:

1) Machika B087TNBWYG (Ver Amazon)


Of course, we had to start the list with the paella pan that has been sold the most, which is the Machika B087TNBWYG. It has around 965 votes, and an average of 4 stars and a half, which is pretty good.

Now, in our opinion there are two things that we absolutely love about this model. On one hand, you can choose it between 11 different sizes (Crazy right?), that go from a pan of 10 inches (26cm) which will only allow you 2 servings, to a large carbon steel paella pan of 28 inches (70cm) that will allow you 25 servings. The other thing we really like is its ratio quality-price, as you can buy a 6 serving paella for just 18$. Probably one of the cheapest prices you can find.

If we want to say something bad about it, we would say that it´s a little bit thin and it does suffer on the lower part, but for the price you are paying is a very nice option.

  • It´s best advantage is the price. You may not find another one so cheap.
  • You can buy it in 11 different sizes.
  • The most sold carbon steel paellera, with very nice reviews.
  • It´s thinner and it´s lower part will suffer more than other models.

2) BK (Ver Amazon)


On second place we are going to show you a model from the brand “Lodge”, it has around 1.700 reviews and an average of four stars and a half.

This carbon steel paella pan is very different to one we showed you before and although it has some disadvantages, it also has advantages. For example, you can only buy in one size, which is 15 inches or 38cm (work for 8 servings). One thing that we like a lot, is that it´s a non-stick paella pan and you will appreciate it on the long term.

As we told you before, the other model is extremely cheap, and of course this one gives you better results, but you will have to pay a higher price for it. The Lodge paellera pan is also more resistant.

  • It has 1.700 reviews and with a rate of 4 stars and a half.
  • It´s a non-stick pan, and that will help you cleaning it after you use it.
  • It works in all stovetops…including the induction.
  • It´s stronger and more durable than the normal carbon steel paella pans.
  • There is only one size option, which is 15 inches.
  • Although it´s price is decent and very common in the paella market, it´s expensive compared to the one from Machika.

3) Matfer Bourgeat 062051 (Ver Amazon)


The last option is not as famous as the other two pans, but everyone who has bought it ended up happy with it.  The Matfer Bourgeat 062051 is not made in Spain as most of the paelleras, but it´s made by very good professionals in France. It has just 92 reviews, but an average of almost 5 stars.

The product itself is a little bit cheaper than the majority of carbon steel paella pans, as it cost 60$ and the rest are normally between 70$ and 80$. As soon as the pan is seasoned, it becomes a non-stick pan, and as you can see in the examples they show, you will be able to use not just for paella, but also for other recipes.

The bad side of this paella is that they only sell one size of it. It´s a 14 inches paellera, which works for around 6 people.

  • It has very nice reviews and critics from the people who have bought it
  • Although it´s not as cheap as the one from Machika, its price is lower than the average.
  • It´s non-sticky and it can be used for different recipes, not only rice.
  • Less popular than other paella pans, and that means there are less reviews about it.
  • You will only be able to buy it in one size.

Reasons to buy a carbon steel paella pan


The traditional Spanish paella pan, the one that Spaniards use to make their authentic yellow rice is the one made of carbon steel, and that means it´s a very good material, but why is that?

First of all, you should know that carbon steel has the highest thermal conductivity comparing with other types of paella pans as stainless steel or enameled steel. Having a higher thermal conductivity means that it heats faster and evenly through all the container. Spanish people always say that cooking the rice with carbon steel paella pans add a better flavor to the rice.

 On another hand, these types of “paelleras” need more attention and work in order to maintain it in good conditions. You will have to clean it with water and detergent right after using it, then dry it and apply vegetable oil to the whole pan, last of all wrap it in paper and put inside a plastic bag, this way you will avoid the rust.


👍 It´s the traditional paella pan used in Spain, which will make you feel like if you do a trip to the Iberian Peninsula.

👍 Carbon steel has the highest thermal conductivity and that heats the pan faster than any other material.

👍 Their price is very low compared to most of the pans.

👍 Its weight is very light so you can easily carry with it from one place to another


👎 Carbon steel paella pans need more care and cleaning. You will need to work harder on its maintenance and if not the pan will rust easier than in any other material.

Our opinion about the carbon steel paella pans

That´s all you need to know about the paella pan of carbon steel, as you have seen is the most traditional material and its results are guaranteed. Of course, using it takes more time than any other but if you are looking for the quality this is your best option.

Other than that, the prices are very good and some of the models we have shown you cost less than 30$, so I think you have nothing to loss by trying them.

Hope this article was useful, and if you have any other question or suggestion, please let us know.

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