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Copper Paella Pans

If you are looking for a paella pan that won´t only get the job done, but will also impress everyone with its stunning look and design, then you should always check out first the Copper paella pans. An antique and vintage material that will leave all your guests speechless.

Best Copper paella pans for sale

After analyzing all the paella pans made of copper and having in mind not only our own thoughts, but also the opinions and reviews from different experts online, we have concluded these are the best copper paella pans in 2021.

1) Sertodo copper alicante paella pan


With more than 30 ratings and 4,5 stars in Amazon, the best copper paella pan for sale is the one from Sertodo.

It can be found in three different sizes; 12,15 or 18 inches, which are 30, 38 and 46 cm or 4,8 and 12 servings. This hammered copper pan is made of heavy 14-gauge copper and traditional hot-tinned interior and that´s supper important, as it´s what will make it have a non-stick and non-reactive cooking surface.

The handles are made of stainless steel, a material that maintains the classy design, while staying cooler, something that will help you manage the paella once it is hot.

Last of all, thanks to its high quality and in despite of being made of 100% recycled sources, it is very resistant, and it could last for many generations.

    • Available in 3 different sizes.
    • One of the most beautiful designs, made by authentic artists and artisans.
    • It is super easy to manage.
    • Made of recycled material and with a long durability, it is great for the environment.
  • We haven´t been able to find any “buts”

2) Mauviel M’Heritage M’150B Copper Paella Pan


On second place we must talk about the most beautiful paella pan you will ever find. A dish that will amaze all your guests and will make them feel as if they were in 5-star restaurant.

Its body is 100% made of copper and it is bonded to a thin layer of stainless steel in the surface. The copper will ensure great heat conductivity, while the stainless steel will preserve the taste and nutritional qualities of foods as well as make it easier to clean. A perfect combination.

Just in case all that wasn´t enough, the handles are made of bronze, which adds an even more luxurious touch to the pan.

As it happens with all Mauviel products, it is guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects for household use.

    • The most beautiful design we have ever seen.
    • It has great heat conductivity.
    • Easier to clean than many other copper pans.
    • The handles are made of bronze.
  • Due to its high quality, the price is higher than the rest of the pans.

3) Copper paella pan with lid


Last of all we bring you something a little bit different. It is almost impossible to find an authentic paella pan that includes a lid, but everyone was asking for it, so we just had to look for it.

Luckily, we found this one. In despite of not being a “real” paella pan, we must say it can get the job done, as its depth of 2.25 inches and the recommendation for any paellera is 2 inches and it of course includes a lit¡d.

Other than that, this pan has many other advantages; It is oven safe, dishwasher safe, scratch proof, long durability and the most important of all, much cheaper than the other copper paella pans.

So of course, it might not be the perfect paella pan, but it can get the job done, it is affordable for any pocket, and it is also made of copper.

    • Super cheap and affordable for everyone
    • It has a long durability, and it is scratch proof.
    • As most copper pans, it has a stunning design.
    • It includes a lid, something you wouldn´t usually find in paella pans.
  • It isn´t a “real” paella pan

¿Why should you buy a copper pan?

We are sure you have already decided which pan you are going to get, but just in case you still had any doubts about the pans made of this material, below we are going to tell its advantages and disadvantages.


👍 They are the most beautiful type of pans.

👍 Eco-friendly, as most of the times, copper pans are made with recycled materials.

👍 Long durability, they can last for many generations.

👍 Copper is a great heat conductivity.


👍 They are usually more expensive than other type of paella pans.

Copper paella pan review


That´s all you need to know about copper paella pans!

We must recognize this type of pan is more expensive than rest, but one thing is true, if you have a restaurant or want to impress your guests, nothing will look better than copper paella pans, plus they could last you forever, so they are for sure a great investment.

If you have any questions or suggestions about copper paella pans, please let us know in the comments.

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