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Best Enamelled Steel Paella Pans

Today we are going to talk about our favorite type of “paellera”, which is the enamelled steel paella pan. We really like it, because it´s a combination of the characteristics of stainless steel paella pans and carbon steel paella pans. Just so you can understand what these are like, enamelled steel pans are basically like normal carbon steel pans, but they are finished with a layer of black enamel. Get ready because we are going to tell you its characteristics, pros and cons, and of course, we will also show you the best models you can buy.

Which enamel coated paella pan should you buy?

We have been analyzing all the enamel paella pans that are on sale, and we ended up with the conclusions that there are only two good models. On many occasions you will find other brands that sell the same product but with a higher price, so today we will make it easy for you and just show you the best and cheapest options.

1) Garcima enamel paella pan (Ver Amazon)


Garcima is the best brand of “paelleras”, they have been exporting their pans from Valencia for around 20 years from now and they always provide the best results. Just so you can have an idea of how good they are, if you look in platforms as Amazon, you will find a million products that are exactly the same as the one Garcima sales, but the difference is that they offer the best price.

Being more concrete, this enamel steel paella pan only costs around 30$, when the normal prices are between 60$ and 80$. Other than that, you will only see the “paellera” in one size, which is 15 inches (38cm) and that will work for 4 to 6 servings. You can use it in stove, oven or grill.

When talking about the reviews, it received 376 rates and an average of 4 stars and a half, which is pretty good. In our opinion is a very nice paella pan, and the only problem it has, is that is not very heavy on the bottom and that´s a problem to distribute the heat evenly through all the pan.

  • The best enamel paella pan in the market, not only because its quantity of reviews, but also because of the quality it provides.
  • It´s also the cheapest of all the pans coated with enamel.
  • Comes with instructions and two recipes that will help you starting to cook a nice paella.
  • It´s easy to clean and it doesn´t rust.
  • They only have it in one size, which is 15 inches and if you want to cook for less or more than 4-6 people, you won´t be able to do it.
  • The pan is not heavy on the bottom and that could give you some problem to equally distribute the heat.

2) Mabel Home (Ver Amazon)


The second model, is still a very nice option, is from the brand “Mabel Home”, and although it´s true that is not such a typical paella pan brand, and that its price is higher than the one we just showed you before (still pretty cheap compared to the majority), we believe it provides the things that the first model doesn´t have.

When talking about its reviews, is way less popular and it only has 103 reviews, but they still rated very well with an average of 4 stars and a half. What we like the most, is that they do give you the option of choosing between more than one size, being more concrete four: 14, 18, 23.5 and 25.5 inches.

It´s very easy to clean and perfect for people who is not a “paella expert”, so what else could you ask?

  • You have the possibility of choosing between four different sizes of paella pan. Including a large enamel paella pan of 25.5 inches.
  • It has an incredible review of 4.5 stars out of 5.
  • You won´t need to work hard on its maintenance as it´s very easy to clean.
  • Easy to understand for beginners.
  • There are not as many reviews about this product as the Garcima paellera.

Reasons to buy enamelled paella pans


As we said at the beginning, enamelled paella pans are our favorite option (specially if you are not a pro) and the reason is because they are a combination of stainless steel and carbon paella pans.

On one side, since they are like carbon steel paella pans, but coated with enamel, their thermal conductivity is very good and can heat the pan very quick. On another hand, the fact that it´s enamelled, prevent from rust and cleaning and maintaining it is much easier. You will just need to be a little bit careful to not chip the enamel (That could cause the rust).

When talking about the price, this type of “paellera” is also one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest. You can buy a normal one for 60-70$, and there is even a very good one that only costs about 30$.


👍 The enamel layer prevents from the rust and will help you have a much easier maintenance.

👍 As it´s made of carbon steel, the thermal conductivity is very good and will heat the pan very fast.

👍 Their prices are cheap and affordable.


👎 Although the thermal conductivity is very good, the layer of enamel won´t let it be as good as normal carbon steel paella pans.

👎 There are not many good models to choose.

Our enamel paella pan review

That´s all you need to know about enamelled paella pans, as you have seen they are cheap, they have a great conductivity, they are easy to clean and won´t give you much trouble. These are basically the reasons why we like this material the most…specially if you are not an expert.

For the moment we were only able to show you two models of enamel paella pan, but we find any other good one, we will be glad to show it to you.

Hope this article was useful, and if you have any other question or suggestion, please let us know!

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