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Mauviel Paella Pans

Mauviel is considered one of most elegant and stylish brands in the cuisine world. It has been producing high quality dishes for close to 200 years and even now a days, every single chef loves their products. Mauviel paella pans can perform in the best level possible, while keeping a unique and beautiful design at the same time.

Best Mauviel Paella Pans


Today we are going to tell you everything about the paella pans from Mauviel, but of course we had to start with its best models. We have studied and analyzed the properties and performance of the different models and we have concluded these are the the best Mauviel paella pans of 2021.

1) Mauviel M’Elite Paella pan, 15.7, Stainless


We simply had to start with the most popular one. This paella pan has been trending lately and with more 50 ratings and 5 stars is the most famous Mauviel paellera in Amazon.

It is made of stainless steel, and it is polished and hammered on the outside, giving it a modern and luxury look. This paella pan can be found in two different sizes; 13.8 inches (33cm) and 15.7 inches (38cm), which are about 6 and 8 servings each.

It has a great heat conductivity and distribution. Its handles are also made of stainless steel, which will maintain them cool even after cooking and will make the paellera be easier to manage. It can be used in all type of cooking surfaces, and it is dishwasher safe.

  • It is available in 2 different sizes.
  • Handles won´t get hot quickly, so it is easy to manage.
  • It can be used in every type of cooking surface.
  • Super easy to wash.
  • Compared to carbon steel, it doesn´t heat as fast.

2) Mauviel copper paella pan


If you want to take your kitchen to the next level, you must include this paellera made of copper. Its antique and vintage style will make everyone feel like if they were in a 5-star restaurant.

Just like the previous model, this paella pan can also be found in two different sizes, which are the same: 13.8 and 15.7 inches.

The main material these paella pans are made of copper, which offers a better heat conductivity, but they also contain a layer of stainless steel in the surface, that preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of the food.

Last of all, its handles are made of bronze, which adds an extremely beautiful touch to the pan and even more important are super comfortable to use.

  • One of the most elegant paella pans you will ever see.
  • Made of copper and stainless steel, it gets the best of each.
  • Can be found in two different sizes.
  • The handles are made of bronze.
  • Its price is higher than the other models.

3) Mauviel made in france m’steel black steel paella pan 14.1


If you love Mauviel paella pans, but can´t afford the previous models, don´t worry, because they also have an affordable and cheaper version, that still maintains the elegant design and will sure get the job.

This paella pan is made in the traditional and Spanish authentic way. It is a carbon steel paella pan that will allow you to create that perfect socarrat and will help you create a real paella. It is also available in two different sizes: 14,1 and 15,75 inches.

Black steel is great heat conductor and a super resistant material, so if it is cleaned and maintained properly, this paellera could last you for a long time.

The handles are made of iron, so you won´t have any trouble managing it.

  • Cheapest and most affordable Mauviel paella pan.
  • Made of the same material as the paella pans produced in Spain.
  • Great conductivity and super resistant.
  • Available in two different sizes.
  • Doesn´t look as elegant as the previous models.
  • Requires more cleaning and maintenance than stainless steel.

Why should you buy paella pans?

At this point, we are sure you don´t even need more reasons to buy a paella pan from Mauviel. But just in case you still had any doubt, below we are going to tell you all its advantages and disadvantages.


👍 Thanks to its more than 200 years of experience, Mauviel is a sign of high quality and reliance.

👍 Mauviel paella pans are the most beautiful and elegant ones.

👍 In despite of being a luxury cookware brand, you will also find products at a very reasonable price.

👍 They offer paella pans made of all the main and most common materials, so you can choose what it is best for you.

👍 You won´t have to go to the stores, as their best paella pans are available in Amazon as well.


👎 On average and due to their high quality, their prices tend to be higher than the other brands.

Mauviel Paella Pans review

That´s everything you need to know about the most elegant and luxurious brand of paella pans.

In our opinion, although their prices are higher than usual, we must admit there are good reasons for it, which is that you won´t find a brand that produces paellas pans as beautiful and of such a high quality.

Therefore, if you have a restaurant and you want to impress your clients or if you are planning an important event such as wedding, Christmas party… then Mauviel paella pans are for sure the best choice.