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Easy Recipe for Spanish salads

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Salads of course are not from Spain, but we do have some delicious Spanish salads. Most of them are really easy to make, but we have a huge variety and these are very different. Today, we will learn about the best and easy recipes for Spanish salads, about the most famous types and many more things:

What is a Spanish salad?

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As we said there is a huge variety of Spanish salads and of course, each of them is totally different, so…What is a Spanish salad?? Well, one thing almost every Spanish salad have in common is that all of them are rich in fruit and vegetables, plus it´s hard to find one kind that has no less than 4 or 5 ingredients.

Spanish people like their salads with a lot of flavor and that´s why they add different ingredients to them.

Homemade Spanish salad dressing recipe

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As we said at the beginning there is a homemade Spanish salad dressing recipe, of course, this one is pretty simple and it has some small variations depending on who makes it, but generally everyone in Spain knows how to make it.

The recipe for the homemade Spanish salad is basically a mix of tomatoes, lettuce, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Other than that, some additional ingredients to this homemade salad dressing are the vinegar, olives, onion or tuna.

Generally, the traditional Spanish salad they would serve you in a restaurant would include all these ingredients. It´s delicious!!

Easy Spanish salad recipe

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Although it´s true the Spanish salads normally have a big amount of ingredients, that doesn´t mean these are hard to make. Generally, the Spanish salads are very easy to make, as you will just need to cut the ingredients, mix them together and add oil, salt, or any other sauce that the salad needs.

Of course, the homemade Spanish salad is the easiest to make, but other very easy Spanish salads are the tomato salad or the green salad.

Famous Spanish salads

Of all the salads in Spain, there are many kinds that are not popular at all. For example, you probably never find anyone eating the orange Spanish salad, the Spanish egg salad or the eggplant salad…we promise you that all of them exist!

But there are some others, that are known for being the “Famous Spanish salads” and these are not famous just in Spain, they are recognize everywhere in the world. The mixed green salad (ensalada mixta), the Russian Spanish salad, or the macaroni salad are very popular and very common in the Spanish cuisine.

Fresh Summer Spanish salad

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In Spain is very common to eat salad during the summer months. The reason is because there are many types of vegetables and many of these keep us fresh during the hot months of the year. As you can imagine most of these summer salads always include fruits on their recipes as its what gives them a fresh style.

Some typical summer Spanish salads are the Macedonia fruit salad, which is a mixture of different fruits. The ensaladilla Rusa (Russian Spanish salad), which is like a potato salad with a lot of mayonnaise. And last of all, the seafood salad, generally with anchovy.

Other types of Spanish Salad

As we said other than the ones everyone recognizes, in Spain there is a huge variety of salads. Some of them are more common like the corn Spanish salad or the octopus salad, but others are really weird and not you would never see them in the daily life, like the Spanish potato salad with apples or the rice salad.

Anyway, Spanish people create a different kind of salad, as they really like to innovate and to have a traditional salad in their family. So, you can just combine the ingredients you like with lettuce, tomato, olive oil or whatever you like and create your own idea of Spanish salad.

Spanish tapas salad

It´s important to know how to eat salad in Spain. Generally, Spanish people would eat salad as a first dish and then maybe some fish or meat as the second plate. Rarely, you can sometimes find people who eat salad as a main dish, but they probably end up starving after that.

What you can find many times is people eating salad as a tapa. It doesn´t happen always, but many people would ask for a salad in a restaurant as a tapa to share with family or friends and they would start eating their lunch after that. It happens very often with paella at the beach, almost everyone just asks for an “Ensalada Mixta” and then they eat the paella as a main dish.

Enjoy the salads of Spain!

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That´s all you need to know about the salads of Spain, hope you have learned a lot about the recipes for Spanish salads and all its types. We would also like to know which is your favorite kind of Spanish salad! Of course, if you have any other question, let us know!!