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Spanish sandwiches (Bocadillos)

Whether it is for lunch or for dinner, Spaniards usually eat extremely late, therefore, snacks play an important role. That´s when the famous bocadillos, or Spanish style sandwiches take place, they are heavy enough to help you wait until the main meal, but at the same time light enough to not make you be full. Today we are going to tell you everything about the Spanish sanwiches.

Most popular Spanish sandwiches


They are so important, that now a days you can find a huge variety of them, below you will find the 10 most popular and traditional Spanish sandwiches recipes.

1) Spanish ham sandwich


Of course, we had to rank in the number one the most famous Spanish sandwich there is. This sandwich is eaten all over the country and everyone loves it.

If you want to make it simple and easy or if you are in a rush and want to do it faster, you will just need half of baguette or any other bread and ham, which can be serrano ham or Iberic ham (which is the good one), this will take you just 5 minutes to make it.

In case you don´t mind working on it a little bit more, then we recommend you adding a little bit of olive oil, ripe tomato (as it happens with Pan Tumaca) and garlic. An extra touch is adding oregano as well.

Photo by: @Tamorlan

2) Spanish Omelet sandwich


The potato omelet sandwich is another classic. It can be eaten in small portions as a tapa or bigger ones, as a bocadillo to go on a road trip or excursions.

It may sound harder to make as you will have to cook the omelet first, but the truth, is that many times when people decide to eat this type of bocadillo is when they have leftovers, so at the end is one of the easiest Spanish sandwich’s recipes.

You can use olive oil or slices of tomato, but the authentic one won´t require any other ingredients than the bread and slice of Spanish omelet.

Photo by: @Tamorlan

3) Bocadillo de calamares


Of course, on the top 3 of the best Spanish sandwiches we had to include the one made of calamari rings.

It may sound crazy, but even though Madrid, the capital, isn´t by the ocean, this sandwich is typical and traditional from there. You will find it in many restaurants and for sure the best place to eat them is in Plaza Mayor.

If you want to try to make it at home, it is super simple. You will just need the Spanish style baguette, or any other bread (just don´t use a soft one) and fried calamaries.

Photo by: @Tamorlan

4) Chorizo Sandwich


The sandwich every single kid loves. It is quite common to see kids taking a chorizo bocadillo to the school for the morning break. But don´t you think it is just for kids, everyone in Spain loves chorizo sandwiches.

The chorizo can be eaten raw, fried, grilled, or cooked, in any case it is delicious, so it is just up to you. Usually, this sandwich doesn´t need any additional ingredients, but if you want to try new things you can add some cheese, tomatoes, or garlic.

If you are not a big fan of chorizo, there are alternatives to it such as chistorra.

Photo by: @Tamorlan

5) Spanish Tuna Sandwich


Tuna sandwiches are also quite common in Spain, mainly for the afternoon merienda (snack).

Although it can be made of just the bread and canned tuna, most of the times this bocadillo is eaten with more ingredients as well. You would usually eat it, with lettuce, a few tomato slices, olive oil and onions.

Of course, if you are eating it as a snack, make sure the size isn´t as big as the previous ones, as this sandwich includes more things, and it is a little bit heavier.

Photo by: @Ezarate

6) Sandwich Mixto


Sandwich Mixto is what everyone in the world would recognize as ham and cheese sandwich. Of course, we know this type of sandwich is originally from the United Kingdom and not Spain, but we just had to include it, as it is one of those meals you will find in every single bar.

Unlike the rest of the sandwiches, this one is usually made with soft bread and not a baguette (although it can be made with it as well). The main ingredients of this sandwich are cheese and jamón de york (not cured ham).

It may not be the most delicious sandwich, but it is good to know you will always find something you have tried before.

Photo by: @Tamorlan

7) Cheese sandwich


Other than the sandwich made of potato omelet, this is one of the only Spanish vegetarian sandwiches you will find.

As its name says, this bocadillo is mainly made of cheese and of course, the bread. If you don´t want it to be too simple, you have two options; the first one is selecting a good cheese, such as Manchego cheese and the other one, would be adding some more ingredients to it. This type of sandwich can work great with olive oil and tomato for example.

8) Spanish pork sandwich


This sandwich is heavier than the others, so although it can of course be eaten as a morning or afternoon snack, most the times it will be ideal for lunch or even dinner. It is also great for those days where you are going to be the whole day out, camping, on a hike…

The bocadillo de lomo is made of pork loins and of course a baguette. The ideal way to eat it, is being warm, weather you want to toast it or grilled, but of course if you are going to spend the day out, you will just have to eat it cold, which is still good.

If you want to add some extra ingredients, the best options are olive oil, tomato, garlic, or cheese.

Photo by: @Tamorlan

9) Serranito


This bocadillo is typical from the south of Spain, so if you are visiting Andalucía, here is another thing you should try. Furthermore, in the rest of the country it isn´t so popular.

We told you the previous sandwich is heavy, but this one is even more. Other than pork loins, it is also made of serrano ham, fried green peppers and tomato slices. In this case the bread they would use is viena andaluza or a mollete, but you can perfectly make it with other type of breads.

Some people use chicken instead of pork, both are great options, so it will be great anyway.

Photo by: Gourmedia

10) Spanish sardines or anchovies sandwich


We know, at first and it seems like a weird combination, but give it a try at least, you will love it.

Anchovies are many times served as tapas; therefore, it is common to mix it with a slice of bread. Well, someone decided to take this to the next level creating a sandwich and the results were surprising.

To make this bocadillo you will just need the anchovies and a loaf of bread. If you want to add other ingredients, it can combine well, with tomatoes, cheese, or peppers.

Types of Spanish Sandwiches

Now that you know which ones are the good Spanish sandwiches, let us explain you the different types you will find.

You can differentiate between sandwich and bocadillos, we know you have been thinking they were the same thing, but there is a slight difference. While sandwiches are made with white bread, in Spanish called pan de molde, bocadillos are made with baguettes, in Spain known as barra de pan.

White bread is much softer and when you combine it with meets such a serrano ham or loins, it really makes a difference.

Enjoy your Spanish sandwich

We hope you have enjoyed our article and now you know which ones are the most delicious Spanish sandwiches and bocadillos. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know in the comments.  

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