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Best Spanish snacks

Spaniard’s love eating, they don´t just have the three mails meals per day with its appetizer, but they also have 1 more called merienda, it is what we all know as snacks. Spanish snacks can be eaten whenever you feel like it, but the most common time is between 5 and 7 pm, between lunch and dinner. Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Spanish snacks, which ones are the best, where to buy them and much more.  

Top 10 Spanish snacks recipes


Let´s make one thing clear, Tortilla de Patata is not a Spanish snack food. Many people tend to confuse tapas with snacks, but they are a whole different thing. Tapas is a way of serving and eating food, while snacks are just another mealtime. Below you can find the top 10 Spanish snack foods recipes:

1) Fuet


This Spanish sausage isn´t that popular outside the country, but in Spain everyone loves it.

People like it so much, that if you buy it for a whole family or a group of friends, it could last less than one hour. There even was a famous commercial talking about it.

This popular Spanish snack is mainly made of pork belly and it is original from Catalonia. As you may know, it is not easy to make at home, you need lots of special ingredients and even different machines for it. Therefore, what most people do is buying it.

Weather you want to buy it or try to make it at home, below you can find everything you need to know. ⏬

2) Pan Tumaca:


If you are looking for Spanish snacks easy to make, this sure is the best option. Pan con tumaca is basically made of toast of bread with olive oil and tomato sauce.

In case you have the tomato sauce done, you will just have to toast the bread, so it will take you around 30 seconds, if not let´s you will have it done in around 5 minutes, it is super simple.

Other than eating it as a snack, Spaniards also have it for breakfast time. Below you will find the recipe of this quick and easy Spanish snack. ⏬

3) Churros with hot chocolate


Churro’s don´t even need a presentation, it is one of the most famous Spanish foods in the world and although they are frequently eaten for breakfast, you can also have them as a snack in the afternoon.

Churros are always good, but if you want to try the real Spanish way, we recommend you trying them with a cup of hot chocolate, you will love them.

Click the link below to know more about this traditional Spanish snack and its recipe. ⏬

4) Spanish Almonds


Spaniard love eating dried fruits as snacks, they have all kind, but one of their favorites are almonds.

We know almonds are not only from Spain and you can find them in many other countries, but we just had to rank them in this Spanish snack foods list, due to its popularity.

You may have heard about the Marcona Almonds, as they have been getting super popular in the United States during the last years. They are typical from the Mediterranean countries and although its origin is not certain, many people think they are from Alicante.

Other than those, you will find many other types of Spanish almonds, which are delicious.

5) Bocata


Bocatas are just like sandwiches, but made with a different type of bread, such as baguette. Believe it or not, these are the only Spanish snacks with ham.

They are the perfect solution for having a snack while you are not at home. For example, most parents would make bocatas to their kids so they can have a snack for school, it is also typical to have a bocata during road trips or if you are going to spend the day hiking in the mountains.

Bocatas can be made of different types, cheese, Spanish omelet, chorizo… but out of all of them, the most famous one is serrano ham bocata, everyone love it.

6) Coffee or milk with cookies


Another one of the classic Spanish snacks is a glass of milk with cookies or cereals. Kids would usually choose the milk and adults would take the coffee, but this is up to you.

This tradition is like the British teatime, so instead of cookies, many people have the coffee with pastries, napolitanas, ensaimadas, a piece of cake or even buñuelos. During the summer days, they would just enjoy some ice cream.

Of course, we can agree, these are unhealthy Spanish snacks, but they still are delicious.

7) Horchata con fartons


This is not a typical Spanish snack, it is common only in the Valencian community and it is an alternative to milk with cookies.

Horchata is a sweet cold drink, made of tiger nut, known in Spanish as chufa (the ones in the picture). Apparently, chufa was brough from Egyptian’s centuries ago, and people from Valencian just managed to get the most of it. Fartons are a type of bread with sugar and they are also super good.

Don´t worry, although it is typical from this area of Spain and that´s where you will be able to try the best ones, you can find horchata and fartons all over the country.

8) Fruits


On the other side, if you are looking for something healthier and better for your body, fruits are the best option.

It is quite common to eat different fruits depending on the month of the year. For example, strawberries are typical from march to May, tangerine and orange are usually eaten during winter days and in summer you would usually get fruits like melon or watermelon.

This Spanish afternoon snack is incredibly good for yourself, you won´t go hungry and at the same time it will stop you from eating sweets.

9) Peanuts


We told you before, Spaniards love dried fruits and peanuts are another great example of it. They would eat it nonstop as snacks and could finish a whole bag easily.

It is true that Spanish peanuts, the ones with the brownish-red skin, are originally from Brazil, but the reason why they are called this way, is because they were developed there in the 1700’s.

Luckily, you won´t have to travel all the way to Spain to find these types of peanuts, you can get these Spanish snacks online.

10) Cheese


Last of all, another famous snack from Spain is cheese. Of course, you won´t find the same amount of different cheese you will find in France or Switzerland and they are not as good, but Spain makes great cheese as well and people over there love it.

Sometimes they would cut a few slices of cheese and eat them just like that and others they would get it with bread as a tapa.

The best cheeses in Spain are Queso Manchego, Torta del Casar, Cabrales, Queso Zamorano

Enjoy the popular Spanish snack foods!

Hope you liked this article about the traditional Spanish snacks and if you have any question or suggestions, please let us know in the comments!

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