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Pork Chops Spanish style

Pork chops are an international dish that you will be able to try almost everywhere in the world. The funny thing, is that in despite of being such a global meal, every country, even every region makes it in a different way.

Out of all the recipes you can find, there are some that stand out, which are the Spanish pork chops.

Spanish pork chops recipe:


You will also find many different styles and ways of cooking pork chops in Spain, it doesn´t just depend on the region, but also on the family, the culture of the town and the traditions.

Today we are going to show you one of the most common Spanish pork chop recipes. This one very easy to make and it will be ready to be eaten in less than 40 minutes.

Spanish pork chops ingredients:

  • Parsley
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Spanish sweet paprika
  • Olive oil
  • Pork chops
  • Salt and pepper (optional)

How to make Spanish pork chops:

  • 1- To begin with, make sure to preheat the oven to 430 F.
  • 2- Chop the onions, garlic and parsley and mix them in a bowl. Later, add the paprika and olive oil to it. You can also add some salt and pepper, if you want a stronger taste.
  • 3- Grease with oil a roasting pan, add the mixture to the pork chops and place them in the roasting pan.
  • 4- Let it roast for about 10-15 minutes. Turn the chops to the other side, put the mixture in the top of it again and let it roast for another 10-15 minutes.
  • 5- Once coocked, they will be ready to be served.

Other ways to cook spanish pork chops


The one we have told you about is one of the easiest and most traditional ways, but there are many other options. You can try making baked spanish pork chops, cook them in the skillet, or you can even use the chops to make a stew.

Seasoning is very important if you want to get the real Spanish style pork chops, so doesn´t matter which way you decide to cook them, never forget the paprika, garlic and of course the olive oil. These three elements are a must.

Do you have a special recipe for Spanish style pork chops?

Things to eat with Spanish pork chops

Pork chops in Spain are ofently eaten as a main course, therefore, it´s important to make heavy enough so people won´t end up hungry after being done. To make it happen, Spanish pork chops are many times served with some of the following companions:

Spanish pork chops and rice


This is the most common one of all and although it may seem a bit simple, it can actually be very tasty. The sauce we made earlier for the pork chops with oil, garlic and onion fits perfectly with the rice and the whole mix is delicious.

If you decide to fry the pork chops instead of roasting them, you can make both, the rice and the pork chops at the same time in the skillet and it will get even better.

Spanish pork chops with potatoes


Another common option in Spain, is to eat the pork chops with potatoes.

Like it happens with the rice, you will be able to make them all together or separated, which usually will take more time, but that way you will be able to cook them in a different way.

Once you finish eating, you will sure be full.

Spanish pork chops in tomato sauce


If you are not feeling like rice or potatoes or if you aren´t so hungry, another option to complete this main course, is to mix the chops with this famous red sauce.

This tomato sauce for the Spanish pork chops is very easy to make and you will just have to add tomato in the step number two and let it cook. Latter just follow the other steps and you will have a different dish ready to eat!

Enjoy the Spanish style pork chops

That´s all you need to know about it. Hope you enjoy this Spanish pork chops recipe and if you have any other tip we should add or any question, please let us know in the comments.

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