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Catalan fuet sausage: Recipe

There are thousands of types of Spanish susages and pork products . You probably know about the mot famous ones like the morcilla, Iberian ham (Jamon Iberico) or the typical chorizo, but they are not the only ones.


Although these are very popular popular, the one nobody can resist is the Catalan fuet sausage. Once you buy it, you will be lucky if it last more than half an hour. It´s delicious!

⭐ Where to buy fuet?

Making fuet is very hard and although we are going to teach you the recipe bellow on this blog, your best option is to eat it in a restaurant or buy the spanish sausage at the market.

Of course, the best fuets are in Spain, in markets like Mercadona. Some of the best ones are: The fuet of Casa Tarradellas or the fuet espetec of Hacendado.

Probably you don´t live in Spain, and although we are sure you would love to travel to Spain to eat a delicious slice of fuet, it´s not always possible. That´s why we have selected the best Catalan fuet sausages and Spanish salamis in Amazon, so you can enjoy it as if you were in Spain:

⭐ What is fuet sausage?


The Catalan fuet is a pork product that comes from the Catalan region of Spain, it´s shown as a large sausage, white on the outside, and between pink and purple on the inside.

It´s similar to the famous salchichon or the Spanish salami, but don´t say it too loud, because fuet lovers would get really mad if you say these three products are the same. Most of the people choose fuet as their favourite.

⭐ How to eat fuet sausage ?


Many people wonder how to eat fuet? Our first recomendation is to eat it as fast as possible, because as they say in every commercial, the fuet doesn´t last more than one day. It happens in every family, people love fuet so much that they can´t resist eating it. It will be gone faster than what you can imagine.

Other than that, Spanish people normally eat the Catalan sausage as a tapa or as a snack during the day. You will see it in a big plate of fuet slices accompanied with other tapas. Another option on how to eat fuet is on a sandwich or bocata (sometimes with cheese as well)

⭐ Catalan Fuet recipe


The fuet sausage recipe is harder than making a normal Spanish dish. If you are not patient, you don´t have the ability or the time to make it, we would just recommend you to go to a market and buy one. It will save you a lot of time, plus the ones sold at the markets are usually very good.

How to make fuet

In case you are still curious about learning it, here is the Catalan fuet recipe:

</p> <h4>Fuet Ingredients</h4> <p>
  • 600g Lean Pork
  • 400g Pork belly
  • 4g white pepper
  • 5g of paprika
  • 25g of salt
  • 3g of garlic powder
  • 3g of dextrose
</p> <h4>Spanish fuet instructions</h4> <p>
  • 1. Grind pork and pork belly through 5 mm, 3/16” plate.
  • 2. Later, mix the meat with all the ingredients (salt, cure #2, dextrose, pepper, paprika, garlic powder) 
  • 3. Stuff firmly into 34-36 mm hog
  • 4. Ferment at about 20 ºC, with 90-80 % humidity for 72-96 hours
  • 5. Dry it for 1 or 2 months at 15ºC with 80% humidity
  • 6. Last of all, store the sausages at 13ºC and less than 75% of humidity. 

⭐ Comparing fuet with other Spanish sausages

fuet spanish

Although is true that the fuet of Spain is one of the favourites Spanish sausages…why is it so good? What´s the difference between the fuet and the salchichon? or the chorizo?

We have decided to compare fuet with other Spanish sausages to make clear why the are very different:

Difference between fuet and salchichon


Once you decide to get some Spanish fuet sausage, you must be careful as it can be confussed with salchichon.

Although it´s really hard to distinguish these two Spanish pork products, there are a few differences.

First of all, the fuet is from Spain (Catalonia) but the salchichon is French.  Other than that, the espetec fuet is thinner than the salchichon, plus the salchichon needs more condiments and that´s the key difference on its flavour.

Fuet vs Chorizo


Comparing chorizo with fuet is way easier. As you can see the picture on the right, the chorizo is red and the fuet is purple on the inside and white on the outside.

Once you try it, you will realise about the differences quickly. The chorizo is more spicy and it has that paprika flavour.

Read more about the Spanish Chorizo

⭐ Mini fuet


The «fuet Catalan» has become so popular, that many brands decided to make small fuet bars.

Mini fuets are delicious and are the best for long trips or as an appetizer when going to a football match or an event. Even for mid-morning meals are a great solution.

The ones that Campofrio sell are the best ones… We really recommend you trying them.

⭐ Enjoy the Spanish fuet!

That´s all you need to know about the typical Spanish fuet, hope you enjoyed learning about it, and make sure to try it if you are visiting Spain. If you have any other question about the espetec/ fuet, please let us know in the comments!

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