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Authentic Spanish garlic aioli recipe

Imagine yourself being at a Spanish restaurant right next to the beach in Valencia, dipping a slice of bread in aioli sauce while waiting for the Paella, it would be amazing right? Well we can not make that possible, but what we can sure do it teach you how to make Spanish aioli so you can at least try it at home. Today we are going to show you everything about the Spanish aioli, from its recipe, how to make it and the ingredients, to its origin and where you can buy it, just in case you don´t feel like cooking.


What is Garlic aioli?

Tied with mojo canario and brava sauce, garlic aioli is one of the most famous sauces you will find in Spain. It is very common in the mediterranean communities like Catalonia, Valencia, Aragón or Murcia, but you will be able to try it in other places as well. It is mainly made of garlic and olive oil. The reason why Spanish people love this sauce so much is because it isn´t just use to deep the bread on it, but also to cook other famous dishes in Spain. At first, many tourists believe it is mayonesse, but trust us, the taste is completely different.

How to make Spanish aioli?

This traditional Spanish aioli recipe is super easy, doesn´t take much time and except the olive oil (which it depends on where you are) the ingredents are super easy to find. Below you will find the ingredients and the process step by step:

Spanish garlic aioli ingredients:

  • Half of a cup of Olive oil
  • 3 Garlic cloves
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 tbsp of natural lemon juice (optional)

💪Spanish Garlic Aioli calories:

  • 91 per tablespoon

⏰Garlic Aioli cooking time:

  • 5 mins
  • Spanish garlic aioli recipe

    • 1-Take three garlic cloves and peal them
    • 2-Place them in the mortar, add some salt to it and mash it, until they look like paste
    • 3-Slowly, add the olive oil to the paste and meanwhile, stir it with the pestle of the mortar in the same direction
    • 4-Once it looks like mayonnaise, it will be ready!

What is garlic aioli used for?


Garlic aioli can be used in two different ways: You could either use the aioli as a dipping sauce with some bred and eat it as a tapa, or you can use the aioli condiment, to mix it with food and have a different meal.

If you are eating it as a tapa, we recommend you not eating much, aioli is so good that you will start eating non-stop and whenever the main course arrives, you will already be full.

In case you are using aioli to cook, you should try to mix it with paella, salmon, pasta, eggs or of course potatoes. Aioli potatoes are the best.

What does aioli mean?

If you look at the dictionary, it will tell you it is mayonnaise seasoned with garlic. The problem with this definition, is that it can make you think it´s similar to mayonnaise, when it´s not. The real meaning of aioli is garlic + oil (which are the main ingredients) and it comes from the Provençal language.

Types of aioli

Garlic aioli is of course the most popular one (at least in Spain), but through the years people have been tasting new ways to make aioli with other ingredients and some results ended up being very good. These are some the best types of aioli sauce:

  • Pesto Aioli
  • Truffle Aioli
  • Tomato Aioli
  • Red Pepper Aioli
  • Wasabi Aioli
  • Ancho Aioli
  • Sriracha Aioli
  • Spicy Aioli
  • Dijon Aioli
  • Honey Aioli
  • Bacon Aio

Where to buy Aioli

It´s true that this Spanish garlic sauce isn´t easy to find at a supermarket. If you are too lazy to make the Spanish aioli recipe, or you just don´t have the time, we recommend you trying it at any restaurant in the coast of Spain. If you are just visiting Madrid, you should go to La Sirena restaurant. In Spain it will sure be easier to find it in the stores, aioli in lidl is usually delicious.

Is Aioli Spanish? Origin


The origin of Aioli is quite unknown, but many people believe that it comes from the Egyptians. It´s said that the Romans got the idea from the Egyptians and then brought it to Spain. Therefore, it isn´t Spanish.

That said, we must admit that nowadays, where you will find it the most is in the east side of the Iberic Peninsula, being more specific, in the Valencian community and Murcia Region of Spain.

Enjoy the authentic Spanish aioli recipe

That´s all you need to know about the authentic aioli recipe! Hope you know now how to make this famous aioli sauce and if you have any other question tell us in the comments.

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