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Spanish pan tumaca recipe

If you ever visit Barcelona or any other place in Catalonia, you will realise about the importance of the «Spanish Pan Tumaca». It is popular all over Spain and it´s probably one of the easiest dishes to make in the Spanish cuisine.

What is pan tumaca?


Although we would love to tell you that the Spanish tomato bread is a very elaborated dish, the truth is that it´s just a slice of bread with tomato and oil on top of it…But of course, today we will teach you the best way to make it more delicious!

Catalan tomato sauce Recipe

⬇️Learn the Spanish tomato bread recipe in only 2 minutes⬇️

You don´t need to go all the way to Spain to try the Catalan tomato bread. If you can take 5 minutes out of your time, then we totally recommend you trying this recipe…it´s worth it!

Pan con tomate ingredients🍅

  • 2 large slices of bread.
  • Between one and two big tomatoes
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • A pinch of salt
  • (Optional) Oregano and ham

⏰Catalan toast cooking time:

  • 5/10 mins
  • 💪 Tumaca bread calories:

  • 417

How to make Spanish tomato sauce for bread 🍞

  • 1-First, cut the tomato or tomatoes in two halves.
  • 2-With a grater, grate the tomato until it´s almost flat and you have an enough amount of the Spanish tomato sauce.
  • 3-Put some salt and olive oil to the sauce
  • 4-Place and spread the tomato sauce through the slices of bread (the bread should be toasted)
  • 5-Once is done you will just need to put a piece of Iberic ham at the top of the bread, that way you will have your Spanish tomato bread with jamon serrano ready. Enjoy it!

Easy tomato bread recipe

The best of the «Pan con tomate» recipe is that it´s very easy to make. There are not many ingredients needed, and literally in about 5 minutes you will have your food ready to eat. Plus, it´s very healthy and good for your body. So, what´s your excuse to not eat it?

Spanish «pan con tomate» origin


The history of pan con tomate comes from the XVI centruy, but it wasn´t until 1884 when Nèstor Luján wrote for the first time about the Spanish bread with tomato.

As you may know, the bread gets dry very quickly after a few days, and that´s why they decided to create this recipe. Adding the juice of the tomatoes was a way to soak the bread a little bit.

Nowadays, it´s used in every type of bread and even in sandwiches…But in the past was very useful.

Tomato toast for breakfast or as tapas


The Catalan pan tumaca is one of those meals you wouldn´t mind eating at any time of the day, for lunch, for dinner, between hours…Any time is good for this delicious dish.

The most common time to eat it is actually after waking up on weekends when you feel more relaxed and you don´t have that many responsibilities, when you can take your time and prepare some good Spanish tomatoes on toast for breakfast. It feels good, you should try it, it will make the rest of your day way better.

In case you didn´t have time to make «salsa tumaca» during the morning, many other people eat it as a tapa right before lunch.

What to add to your Spanish tomato bread?

The normal pan tumaca from Catalonia would be a slice of bread with the tomato sauce and olive oil on the top. Some people add different ingredients to this Spanish meal:

1) Spanish tomato bread with jamon serrano


This is the most common ingredient. Many people love to add Iberic ham to the pan tomaca.

That´s why you will find it prepared this way in many restaurants of Spain (Specially in the south).

2) Bread with tomato and cheese


Once again cheese lovers conquering the gastronomic world. As it happens with many other plates, there are people that need to have cheese in every single food they try. The same happens with the bread with tomato.

Place some cheese at the top of the tomato and let us know if you like it. Personally, we have never tried it.

3) Mozzarella tomato bread


In this case, the Mozzarella, is not the only thing that changes. The piece of tomato is generally not grated. To do it properly, first make sure to preheat the tomatoes and cheese with the bread.

Later, add the olive oil and mozzarella and to finish put some pepper, salt and basil on it. After all, place it during 5 minutes in the oven. You will love it!

Where to eat Spanish bread tapas


You don´t have any excuse to not make the Spanish pan con tomate recipe at home, but in case you don´t want to or you just prefer to eat it somewhere else there are some really good restaurants to eat it. 

Some of the places we recommend you going are: The Drapaire or the restaurant Can Vallés both located in Barcelona.

Enjoy the Spanish tumaca sauce


That´s all you need to know about the «Pan con Tomate» from Spain. As you have seen its recipe is one of the easiest and it will just take you about 5 minutes to make it. Trying the Catalan tomato sauce is a must if you ever vist Spain.

Hope you enjoyed reading the artcile, and if you have any question about the pantumaca or any other Spanish recipe, let us know!

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