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Spicy Spanish food recipes

Due to its close relationship with Latin-American countries such as Mexico and Argentina, where everyone knows they have super strong food, many people tend to think Spain is the same, but is Spanish food spicy? Today we are going to answer this question with the top 5 spicy Spanish food recipes.

List of the spiciest Spanish food


There isn´t anything spicier in the whole country than this 5 meals, so if you manage to try them all and you still think they aren´t enough, then you will sure be able to say Spanish food is not spicy. Furthermore, you will be able to say there isn´t just one spicy Spanish dish.

Pimientos de Padron


We must start with the most famous one. Padron peppers are known for a popular sentence that says, “Pimientos de Padron, unos pican y otros no”, which basically says Padron Peppers, some of them are spicy, some of them aren´t.

This just works as an example of spicy Spanish food, people in this country don´t mind a little spicy but be careful of going too far. Most of these small peppers are not spicy, but occasionally, you find one that is.

Patatas Bravas: The spicy Spanish sauce


The second most popular spicy Spanish dish are the patatas bravas.

In our opinion this is the spiciest food of the Spanish gastronomy, but you must find the right place to eat them. If you are going to make it by yourself, you must use the correct ingredients.

The problem is that now a days many restaurants and bars, instead of using the spicy brava sauce, they make something sweeter, that tastes more like ketchup.

That said, if you do get to try a good one, you will find this plate way spicier than any other Spanish meal.



This traditional and old Spanish meal is made in different parts of Spain, but the ones from Madrid, are the most popular ones. It is usually made of beef tripe, morcilla (Spanish blood sausage), chorizo and serrano ham. Sometimes it also includes chickpeas.

If you want this plate to be spicy, other than adding the spicy Spanish paprika, you should always make sure to get spicy chorizos. Most of the times callos are made with common chorizos instead and that is what really makes the difference.

Gambas al ajillo (Galic prawns)


This dish is super easy to make (except when you must peel the prawns) and as the name says, the main ingredients here are the shrimps and the garlic.

Gambas al ajillo are super popular in Spain, but usually they aren´t eaten spicy, so in this case the best way to try them, is by making at home.

As it happens with most of the spicy Spanish foods, you will have to cook them in the same way as everyone else, but adding chili pepper. You can add just one chili, or if you want it even spicier, you can try with one and half or even two, it depends on how big the plate is.

Mojo Picon


Last of all, we finish with another sauce. The mojo picon is typical from Canary Islands, but it has gotten so popular that you will be able to try it all over the country.

There are three types of mojos, green mojo, red mojo, and spicy mojo, this last one is strongest version of the red mojo. Its’ main ingredients are hot local peppers, olive oil, vinegar, garlic and seasonings and it is usually eaten with Papas Arrugadas (wrinkly potatoes), you can also eat it with a slice of bread.

Again, don´t expect it to be as spicy as any Mexican sauce!

Is Spanish food spicy?

You will have to try by yourself, but in our opinion (in despite of being from Spain), Spanish food in not spicy at all. The 5 dishes we have shown you are the spiciest thing you will find and they aren´t even that hot.

The rest of the Spanish food is super good, but I am sorry, we can´t say it is spicy.  

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