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Spanish Vegetarian Dishes

Spain is usually known as a meat country, people tend to think all you can find here is, jamon, chorizo and seafood, but there is much more. It is true that many of the locals would add some type of meat to almost everything they eat and that they aren´t big fans of vegetarians, but you will still be able to try all kind of Spanish vegetarian dishes.

List of the best Spanish vegetarian recipes


Weather you are coming to Spain and you are looking for vegetarian meals to eat during your trip or you are at home planning to eat something new, these are 10 vegetarian Spanish foods you must try.

Tortilla de Patatas


Of course, we had to star with one of the best Spanish vegetarian dishes, the Spanish Omelet. This meal is super popular all over the country, almost everyone likes it and the best of all is that is also extremely easy to make.

Although it won´t be a good option for vegans, it is ideal if you are vegetarian, as the only ingredients you will need are potatoes, eggs, and olive oil. You could also make it with onions, but that is up to you. In Spain there has always been a constant fight about whether the Tortilla de Patatas should be made with onions or not.

Anyway, here is the recipe in case you want to try it at home.

Spinach and chickpeas


One of the most underrated plates we have ever tried. This Spanish vegetarian meal is not that popular, but trust us, it is delicious.

All you need in order to cook this plate, is spinach, chickpea, garlic cloves, paprika and olive oil, so you will be able to make it wherever you are in the world.

Even though it seems like a simple dish, it can be heavy, so eat it as a main course, instead of a starter. If you want it to be tastier, you could always add eggs or cheese.

3- Pimientos de Padron


Pimientos de Padron are a perfect entry or tapas, although if you order a bunch of them, they can also be eaten as a main course.

It is one of the most famous vegetarian Spanish dishe and they even have their own saying; “Pimientos de padron, unos pican y otros no” “Padron peppers, some of them are spicy and some others are not”. Let us explain this, when you are eating pimientos de padron here are small chances of taking one that will be spicier. Of course, it won´t be like eating at Mexican restaurant, but they can be spicy.

But don´t worry, weather you get the spicy one or not, this meal is delicious, and we are sure you will love it.

4- Pan Tumaca


If you are looking for easy Spanish vegetarian dishes, pan tumaca is ideal for you, plus it is a great option for breakfast too.

This simple meal typical from Catalonia in the north of Spain, is made with bread, tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil, so a great option for both vegetarian and vegans.

This tapa isn´t only super easy and fast to make (it can take you between 5 and 10 minutes), but it is also extremely healthy, so go a head and try it at home with this recipe.⏬

5- Bravas Potatoes


The most popular tapa in the capital of Spain, Madrid and probably one of the most famous ones in the whole country.

Bravas potatoes are usually eaten in bars as an appetizer, before ordering the main meals.

The original recipe is usually made with chicken broth, but of course we don´t want that, so if you are making it at home, you can use instead water or vegetarian broth.  Other than the broth, you would just need onions, paprika and olive oil to make the sauce and of course the potatoes.

Here you have the recipe!

6- Vegetarian Paella


Many vegetarians and vegans travel to Spain thinking it will be impossible for them to try the most famous Spanish plate, but this is totally wrong.

There are many different types of paellas, the most famous ones usually have chicken or seafood, but luckily there is also a vegan recipe.

If you want to eat them at a restaurant, your best option is to call them before going and ask if they will be able to make it, otherwise, most of the times they won´t have it.

Another option is to make it at home, which you will just have to use, beans, tomatoes, asparagus, and other vegetables, instead of the meat and fish.

7- Gazpacho


Gazpacho is the perfect thing to have during the warm summer days in Spain. This soup typical from the south of Spain is made mainly with tomatoes but you should also add cucumbers, onions, peppers, vinegar, and the most important ingredient, which is olive oil.

People usually like to have this Spanish vegetarian soup as an appetizer or as the first plate during lunch time.

As it happens with most of the meals of this list, all the ingredients are super easy to get and it is a quite simple plate, so if you want to make it at home, you shouldn´t have any problem with this recipe.

8- Croquettes


This one creates a little bit of controversy. Of course, we can not say croquettes are vegetarian, at least not the Spanish ones, which are made with jam, but there are other types of croquettes, that are indeed vegetarians, we just can´t say they are from Spain.

In any case, everyone in Spain love croquettes, doesn´t mind the type, and they even consider them as theirs (although the original ones are French), so if you are traveling to the country, you must try them, plus they are delicious.

Some of the best vegetarian croquettes are made of mushrooms, spinaches or even potatoes.

9- Salmorejo


Salmorejo is kind of like gazpacho, almost the same ingredients, the taste is similar and even both are from Andalusia. Yet there are some people who like Gazpacho and don´t like Salmorejo, or the other way around. Why does this happen?

While Gazpacho includes peppers and cucumbers, Salmorejo doesn´t, instead, it is made mainly with olive oil and lots of tomatoes and bread.

We recommend you trying both and decide which one you prefer! Oh, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the two of them.

10- Churros


Of course, we had to finish with the most famous Spanish dessert, Churros.

Churros are usually eaten for breakfast time with hot chocolate, although they can also be eaten as snack during the afternoon.

One thing that not everybody knows is that Spanish churros aren´t just vegetarians but also vegans. The reason why this generates so much confusion is because the Mexican churros are made with eggs, while the ones from Spain aren´t.

Here you have the authentic Spanish churros recipe!

What´s your Spanish Vegetarian food menu?

These are some of the traditional vegetarian Spanish foods, but there are many others, so if you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments so we can improve this article. Hope you have found it useful and enjoy the Spanish vegetarian recipes!